Jdot Breezy is a Nigerian dancing and singing music sensation whose signature sound and performing style has caught the attention of music lovers across the world. In his latest release, EST:2019, Jdot Breezy serves up a track full of summer vibes and good vibes that will surely keep people tapping their feet.

The track itself, which was produced by the successful music producer, Simo Fre, is characterized by a heavy bass line and seductive rhythms that combine to form an addictive beat. Aside from the delightful sonic qualities, the song is also packed with a melodious chorus and thoughtful verses praising the beauty of life and embracing the timelessness associated with specific moments in time.

With lines such as “we can’t ever go back to what we had before, but I know for sure now I’m ready for more”, it’s easy to see why Jdot Breezy has become so popular in such a short space of time. His unique approach to making music that speaks to people on an emotional level is both accessible and incredibly powerful. Fans of his previous releases will certainly not be disappointed with EST:2019 as it further showcases his talents in the industry.