Isma Olaxess Biography

Ibrahim Tusubira, popularly known as Isma Olaxess, was a Ugandan blogger and music critic who was tragically shot and killed in Kyanja, an urban suburb in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, on a Saturday evening. Olaxess was the reigning President of the Uganda Bloggers Association, having been elected in 2021. He was also known for his insightful commentary on politics, entertainment, and social issues on social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok.

Isma Olaxess Age

Olaxess was born in 1970 in Kampala, where he grew up before moving overseas to Sweden in 2005 to seek greener pastures. He started his blogging career in 2014 while still in Stockholm, Sweden, but returned to Uganda in 2015, where he continued his social media blogging role.


Olaxess became popular in 2020 during the Ugandan Presidential General Elections, where he was one of the most renowned political commentators and online updaters in Uganda. He was also elected President of the Uganda Bloggers Association (UBA) in 2021, defeating fellow bloggers Ashburg Kato and Wisdom Kaye.

Isma Olaxess Networth

At the time of his death, Olaxess had a net worth of 113 million shillings, with an annual revenue of over 24.6 million shillings in 2020, which was one of his highest-earning years. As a blogger and president of the Uganda Bloggers’ Association, he was reportedly earning over 7 million shillings from the association.

Isma Olaxess Wife & Children

Despite being rumoured to be dating several ladies, Olaxess died childless due to infertility. In February 2023, he revealed at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s The Worship House in Nansana that therapeutic treatment helped him deal with the stigma that had made it very difficult for him to open up about his long-time struggle.

Apart from being a blogger and music critic, Olaxess was also a proud house painter who worked with big people in the country. In 2021, he was gifted a brand new Toyota Hiace by Hamis Kiggundu, commonly known as “Drone,” for his loyalty.

In conclusion, Isma Olaxess was a popular and influential Ugandan blogger, music critic, and political commentator who left an indelible mark on Uganda’s blogging landscape. His tragic death is a loss to the Ugandan blogging community and highlights the need for more security measures to protect bloggers and online journalists in the country.

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