BBNaija 2022 Week 10 Voting Poll is Open


At this moment, Chichi, Adekunle, Bella, Bryann, Daniella, and Phyna are competing against one another for the grand prize of one hundred million dollars. Voting for your favorite housemates in this poll is the only way to prevent them from being kicked off the show and into the audience voting room.

Due to the fact that Rachel and Chizzy are riders, they are not up yet; nevertheless, they will depart this week.


Hey, everyone, it’s that time of the Week again, and the finale of the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 7 Show, in which you get to vote for our favorite housemate to win the money and the title of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija). Following is a list of the standout BBNaija Season 7 Housemates who are candidates for eviction this week, week 10. It would be helpful if you voted for the person you think should win the top prize for this season.


You are a diehard fan of Big Brother Naija, thus you are aware that in order to protect your favorite BBNaija Season 7 housemate from eviction, you need to cast your vote using the online voting polls that have been provided for the week ten finale. The BBNaija Season 7 Week 10 Voting System has currently been simplified for your voting convenience. All that is required of you is to pay attention to the directions and participate in this Week’s Online Voting Poll.



In the following paragraphs, you will find all of the guidelines that you require to keep yourself up to date, vote for your favorite BBNaija 2022 Season 7 Housemate, and utilize the comment section to let us know who you are backing this Week. It will be difficult to choose who to save from a probable eviction in the Big Brother Naija home this season, but you may vote for your favorite housemate.


How to Vote for Your Favorite Housemates


As soon as a housemate from BBNaija Season 7 is put in danger of being eliminated, you will have access to the official online voting poll for the week and will be able to begin voting for your favorite housemate. The top six contestants for the last week are Chichi, Adekunle, Bella, Bryann, and Daniella, and they will be relying on your votes to choose who takes home the golden prize for this season.



You will need to go to the official website of Big Brother Naija in order to cast your vote for the housemate that is your personal favorite. When you reach that location, you will be prompted to create an account or sign in using an account you already have.

After you have successfully logged in, navigate to the Voting Polls section so that you can cast your vote! You have till Friday at nine o’clock at night to cast your vote, so make sure you get it done before then.

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Hello! We are conducting a poll each week to find out who our readers believe will emerge victorious from this season of Big Brother Naija. This is the tenth week of the competition, so cast your vote for your favorite contestant right now for success during this campaign.