How To Play Music In Car Without Aux or Bluetooth Input From Phone

How To Play Music In Car Without Aux or Bluetooth Input From Phone

Irrespective of the car you are driving, you should listen to music and feel good. Different people do have difficulties when trying to play music from their phones. They usually have the issue of not having an aux cable or Bluetooth connection. Thou using Aux Ports and Bluetooth are the main ways to play music in a car. This article will highlight different ways to play music from your phone to your car without using the aux or Bluetooth input.

How To Play Music In Car Without Aux or Bluetooth Input From Phone

There are many ways to play music from your phone to your car without aux or Bluetooth input. Some ways are FM Radio Transmitter, Cassette Tape Adapter, USB Connection, Apple Carplay & Sound Routing Apps.

FM Radio Transmitter

Different models of cars always have an FM Radio Transmitter and a lighter that looks like a cigarette. It is the most used option for drivers because it is cheap and easy to configure.

To use the FM Radio transmitter to play music, you need to connect it to the lighter port to provide power for the transmitter. Switch your car’s audio system on and off and then select FM mode—endeavour to choose an FM radio frequency that radio stations in your locality do not commonly use.

When you are done with the step above, try and match the frequency you had earlier selected with your FM transmitter. On your smartphone, turn on your Bluetooth and pair your phone with the transmitter. After the connection is successful, you can now play your music at ease.

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The audio quality of the transmitter depends on the model of your smartphone. Another factor that can affect the audio quality is the number of FM stations within your location.

Cassette Tape Adapter

Given that your car’s audio system has a cassette tape player, you can connect your phone to the system at ease. All you need to do is connect the system’s audio cable to your phone’s headphone slot. Let the adapter slide into the cassette slot.

Browse the menu on your audio system and locate the tape mode, and press play. After pressing the play, the music would start playing, and you can adjust the volume afterwards. Using the cassette adapter is the best option if your FM transmitter is not functioning well.

USB Connection

The probability that a car would not have a feature of a USB port is not certain. Drivers can use the USB port in a car for two purposes: a data connection and a charging outlet. To use this method to play music in your car, you have to get a compatible USB cable. If you get a compatible USB cable, it would be easy to access the port and play your music.

To start using the USB connector, locate the USB port of your car audio system. It’s either the port is located at the audio system head unit, centre compartment or the dashboard, depending on the model of your car.

Insert one end of the USB cable to the port and the other one to your phone. Once your phone can detect the connection, you will be asked to access the audio system to your music library. Some cars have some unique features in which you can mirror your phone screen to your car audio system screen and control some actions from there. USB connection is one of the best options to play music from your phone to your car. It provides drivers with good sound quality and also creates reliable connections.  Even as you are playing music with your phone, it would still be charging.

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Sound Routing App

Old model cars do have hands-free Bluetooth calling but do not allow users to play music with it. Some popular cars like Chevy, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and BMW allow their users to play music with this hand free calling feature.

Sound Routing App is like tricking the car audio system into thinking the user is making a call. This method does not require an FM Bluetooth adapter at all. There are a few steps to take in making this trick work out. They are mentioned below:

  • Pair your phone with your car to make a hands free call. Put a call through and make sure it is connected to the person you are calling. After that, install a sound routing app on your phone, such as Mono Bluetooth Router. This router is going to route music through with a hands-free calling system.
  • While your call is still connected, open the sound routing app and open the app that you want to play music from at the same time.
  • This feature is only applicable to car models manufactured between 2000 – 2013.

FM Transmitter

This is another add-on accessory that allows you to listen to music on your phone. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or an aux wire when plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. Using a short FM frequency, the transmitter broadcasts the content of your phone, which you can then use to adjust the radio in your car.

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The sound quality produced by the transmitter is reasonably decent. However, you may need to make some adjustments while using it. When using an FM transmitter in a large city, it will be more challenging to locate an unbroken FM signal, which may impact the sound quality. On the other hand, you may find the signal in areas with fewer distractions when travelling by car.


When you listen to music using one of the methods described above, you will notice that the sound quality varies from one channel to the next. In addition, the level of convenience offered by these approaches varies. The sound quality of the USB input is the best, but the sound quality of the cassette converter and the FM transmitter is marginally better.

Other elements such as the quality of the car speaker, the audio quality of the phone, noisy driving, and a noisy outdoor environment all have an impact on the sound quality you hear. You can experiment with each approach to see which one best meets your audio requirements, budget, and vehicle model for the best results. We hope that you have mastered the art of streaming music from your smartphone to your car entertainment system.






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