August 8, 2022
How To Apply For Big Brother Australia Auditions 2023, Registration, Deadline, Casting

How To Apply For Big Brother Australia Auditions 2023, Registration, Deadline, Casting

What is Big Brother Australia?


Big Brother Australia is an Australian reality show that follows the same premise as John de Mol’s original version of Big Brother, which was broadcast internationally. The program requires its members, referred to as “roommates,” to live in close quarters in a distinct setting.

They constructed a home sealed off from the rest of the world, just like in previous versions of the format. The housemates are subject to round-the-clock surveillance by live television cameras and personal audio microphones for their time living in the house.


Big Brother Australia Auditions 2023


Evictions, both temporary and permanent, take place regularly. The competition’s winner is the roommate who is still standing, and they will get a monetary prize. Big Brother, a figure of authority who enforces the rules and monitors the roommates’ behavior, assigns chores and penalties, and provides participants with a system for making outside demands, is in charge at all times. Big Brother is responsible for assigning tasks and monitoring the roommates’ behavior.

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The housemates have conversations with Big Brother as if he were one person. In contrast to earlier seasons of the show, this season’s Big Brother has a dry sense of humor when dealing with the housemates. Big Brother is also noted for portraying the show’s producers.


Big Brother Australia (2023) Season 15


Presented by– Gretel Killeen, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Sonia Kruger
Narrated by– Mike Goldman and Sonia Kruger


Big Brother Australia Season 15 Eligibility 


The participant must be at least 21 years old, Australian, and a country residence. The contestants must be in good physical and mental shape and cannot be running for public office simultaneously as the competition.


Big Brother Australia (2023) Season 15 Requirements


The following needs are to be assumed based on what happened in the previous season:


  • Age requirement of at least 18 years old on the day of the actual audition
  • Citizenship in perpetuity in the country of Australia
  • There is no communication with anyone or anything in the outer world.
  • The housemates must always have personal microphones on them because they are being videotaped around the clock.
  • If one of the roommates violates the rules, they may be asked to leave the house.
  • When living together, roommates are not allowed to harass, threaten, or physically assault one another.
  • Big Brother maintains that he has the authority to alter the guidelines at any moment and does so frequently.
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How To Apply For Big Brother Australia Auditions 2023

  • Visit, where you will be required to fill out an online application and upload a video to be considered.
  • Any material, including recordings and photos contributed by a participant, will be kept by the producers regardless of whether or not it is chosen. This content will become the property of the producers and will not be returned to the participant.
  • The producers will not be responsible for paying back any costs that are spent within this period.
  • The producers will contact participants to let them know if they have been chosen for an interview. This latter entity expressly reserves the right to alter, at any time, both the terms of the application and the production schedule.



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