How many albums does Wizkid have?

Wizkid, one of Nigeria's most prominent music artists, has been making waves in the industry since his debut in 2010. With a string of hits and collaborations under his belt, he has garnered international recognition and a massive fan base. In this article, we explore Wizkid's discography, including his studio albums and notable singles, showcasing his evolution as an artist.

Studio Albums:

Superstar (2011):

Wizkid's debut studio album, “Superstar,” was released in 2011. This album served as a breakthrough for the artist, establishing his unique sound and style. Featuring 16 tracks, including popular songs like “Holla At Your Boy,” “Don't Dull,” and “Love My Baby,” it showcased Wizkid's versatility and marked the beginning of his successful career.

Ayo (2014):

In 2014, Wizkid released his second studio album, “Ayo.” This album demonstrated his growth as an artist and solidified his position as one of Africa's leading music stars. With tracks like “Ojuelegba,” “Show You The Money,” and collaborations with Akon and Seyi Shay, Wizkid continued to captivate audiences with his infectious Afrobeat rhythms and catchy melodies.

Sounds from the Other Side (2017):

Wizkid's third studio album, “Sounds from the Other Side” (SFTOS), was released in 2017. This marked his major label debut under Starboy Entertainment and featured collaborations with international artists such as Drake, Chris Brown, and Major Lazer. The album blended Afrobeats with elements of pop, reggae, and dancehall, showcasing Wizkid's global appeal and his ability to cross cultural boundaries.

Compilation Album:

Empire Mates State of Mind (2012):

In addition to his studio albums, Wizkid was part of a compilation album titled “Empire Mates State of Mind” in 2012. This album was a collaboration with his former record label, Empire Mates Entertainment (EME), and featured artists such as Skales, Banky W, and Niyola. It showcased Wizkid's versatility and highlighted his contribution to the Nigerian music scene.

Notable Singles:

While Wizkid's studio albums have been pivotal in his career, he has also released numerous singles throughout the years. Some of his notable singles include “Ojuelegba,” “Come Closer” featuring Drake, “Daddy Yo,” “Fever,” and his collaboration with Beyoncé on “Brown Skin Girl.” These singles have further cemented Wizkid's status as a global music icon and have garnered millions of streams and views worldwide.


Wizkid's discography is a testament to his talent, versatility, and influence in the Nigerian and global music industry. With three studio albums and a compilation album to his name, he continues to captivate audiences with his infectious melodies, distinctive voice, and unique blend of Afrobeats and international sounds. As Wizkid's career evolves, fans eagerly await his future releases, anticipating more groundbreaking music from this African superstar.