August 14, 2022
Gorantla Madhav Leaked Original Viral Video Trends On Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram

Gorantla Madhav Leaked Original Viral Video Trends On Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram

Gorantla Madhav Leaked Original Viral Video


An Andhra Pradesh MP has found himself in the heart of a scandal after a reported video leaked in which a man is seen doing indecent conduct in a video call with a woman.


The man in the video appears to be roaming shirtless and afterward flashing his genitals to a woman in a video conversation. The MP alleges that footage of him working out in a gym shirtless has been turned into an obscene video.


YSR Congress Party MP Gorantla Madhav has labeled the video fraudulent and vowed to file a slander complaint.

Mr. Madhav said the phony film arose from a political scheme by his adversaries in the opposition Telugu Desam Party or TDP.


In another video released by the MP, which he said was the original one before it was transformed, Mr. Madhav is seen shirtless but in black shorts doing pull-ups in a gym.

The Andhra Pradesh MP said he has already filed a complaint with the police and the cybercrime unit. Mr. Madhav was also a former police officer before he joined politics.


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Mr. Madhav reportedly stated he was targeted because he belonged to a disadvantaged caste and had climbed his way up with sheer hard work.


He accused the “yellow media” affiliated with upper castes are targeting him, saying he would move to the high court and the Supreme Court if needed.


The public first became aware of this scenario when a few others tied to his account began circulating online and on different social media sites as the Kanino Kalang Oliver video was released and went viral.

The footage is gaining tremendous interest and has become one of the most significant popular themes on the internet. Online consumers are highly interested in learning more about the video’s content. There was explicit stuff in the video.



Full Version Of Gorantla Madhav Leaked Original Viral Video That Went Viral On Twitter And Reddit


Internet users are very interested in seeing the video, as we have already established; nevertheless, the film is not like other movies that can be found immediately on social media; instead, internet users need to use special terms to locate the movie on the internet. The only other choice available to customers is to navigate the website pages containing hyperlinks to the explicit recordings.

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One of the films that went viral and featured Gorantla Madhav is now among those steadily growing in popularity and extending across various platforms. Even though we have established that the movie contained pornographic material, the specifics of the film are still being looked into to this day.


Even while many websites assert that they can direct website users to the video, not all of those websites can be trusted to do so. There aren’t very many websites that can pull anything like this off. Even if online customers are eager to understand the full story behind the movie, it is expected that the procedures will take a couple of days because the film has only recently begun to circulate on social media. Customers who make purchases via the internet are equally as curious to learn as much as possible about the organization’s history and the person in charge of it.

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There is currently very little information regarding the service itself or its owner. The video has quickly gained popularity in every region, like wildfire. Suppose any viewers are successful in finding the video. They would analyze it privately because it is probably contained in some way. And it is undoubtedly not something that should be viewed in a public setting.

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