Firerose Biography

According to her website, Firerose was born and raised in Sydney, which is located in Australia. Her exact age is not known. In addition to that, she came from a family of symphonic musicians when she was growing up. Firerose received her diploma from the Newtown School for the Performing Arts in Sydney, Australia, before making the move to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in music. Her website also mentions that Sia, Alanis Morisette, and the Australian rock bands Powderfinger, INXS, and Silverchair are some of the artists and bands that have had the most influence on her.


It should come as no surprise that Firerose, who spent her childhood in an environment rich in music, eventually decided that she wanted to pursue a career as a singer. According to what is written on her website, she has had the ambition to be a singer ever since the time when she could “actually talk and breathe.” During an interview that was hosted on her website, she stated, “I have always believed that my purpose on planet was fulfilled by music.” In addition, she mentioned that “helping people” through her music is something that is very important to her. “I write from a place in my soul that cannot be explained, and I am extremely appreciative for this gift that enables me to touch others on such a fundamental level.”

“New Day,” “Way Out,” “Fragile Handling,” and “No Holding Fire” are just a few of her smash hits from the past several years. On her Instagram account, which has 22,500 followers, she frequently posts videos of herself singing her own compositions. To promote her newest single, “All Figured Out,” which she released in May 2022, Firerose even posted a series of videos and photographs of herself playing the keyboard. She expresses her gratitude to her devoted following on a regular basis for all of the support they give her. “The most satisfying thing today is hearing directly from fans, whether it’s commenting on the videos or writing to me personally to tell me how my music has helped them or perhaps saved their life. Whether it’s commenting on the videos or letters, hearing directly from fans is the most gratifying thing now. She said in a statement on her website, “I can’t even begin to explain it, but hearing stuff like this destroys me in a wonderful manner.”

Personal Life


Around the year 2021, after Billy’s breakup with Miley Cyrus’ mother, Tish, he started dating Firerose, but the two of them had actually met a long time earlier. During an interview that aired in August 2021 on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Firerose disclosed that she had met the singer of “Achy Breaky Heart” while working on the set of Hannah Montana. The singer revealed their first encounter by saying, “We actually met on the set of Hannah Montana ten years ago.” “Ever since I started making music, Billy Ray has been an incredible supporter of what I do. Simply put, he has had a lot of faith in me and has never stopped encouraging me to go after my goals no matter what and to never give up. The music business is not an easy one to break into, but he has been nothing short of absolutely fantastic help. And as most people are aware, Billy’s daughter Miley served as the lead character on the popular Disney show from the years 2006 to 2011. After his breakup with Tish, the two of them seem to be unable to get enough of each other and are frequently seen together on Firerose’s Instagram account.



The blonde beauty sparked speculation that the two were going to get engaged on September 13, 2022, when she posted a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a massive diamond ring. She captioned the collection of photographs with “Taking in the moment…” and even named her significant other in the post. After a few days had passed, the couple was seen together in a video posted on her Instagram entitled “Searching for UFOs.” Firerose and Billy were out touring the countryside in Billy’s automobile while blaring their favorite tunes. As of the time this article was written, neither one of them has refuted the rumors that they are engaged on their own.

Firerose & Billy Have Worked Together

Billy and Firerose are not only madly in love with one another, but they also serve as each other’s inspiration! The two frequently collaborate on musical projects, one of the many things they share in common. During their appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2021, Billy and Firerose not only released their collaborative single “New Day,” but they also performed it together during that episode.

In July of 2022, they both collaborated to give a live performance together, and Firerose chronicled the occasion on her Instagram account. She accompanied the adorable photo with the message, “So Amazing to be back performing at @OPRY last night! It was an honor to be able to share the holy circle once more with @billyraycyrus. Such a rush it was to play in front of such an electric-filled house.