Faith Odunsi Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, JAMB Score, Math Competition, Date of Birth

Faith Odunsi Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, JAMB Score, Math Competition, Date of Birth

Check out all you need to know about Faith Odunsi Biography, Age, Parents, JAMB Score, Math Competition, Date of Birth here on MyEduScholars.

The young mathematics star recently won the Global Open Mathematics Tournament against participants worldwide, taking home the $1,000 prize money.

Faith Odunsi Biography

Faith Odunsi Biography
Faith Odunsi Biography

Ogun State high school student Adesewa Faith Odunsi, 15, recently won the Global Open Math Tournament, an international competition with participants from Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia, has been named Nigeria’s best high school student.

Her favorite subjects are math and I.T. (Information and Communications Technology).

Her father is a doctor, and her mother is a businesswoman, so she inherited her mathematical prowess, she claims. Her parents are always there for her, cheering her on from the sidelines, giving her pointers on study strategies, and generally showing their admiration for her hard work.

Faith Odunsi Wikipedia

Real Name: Faith Odunsi
Age: 15years
Hometown: Ogun State
State of Origin: Ogun State
School: Ambassadors School, Ota
Nationality: Nigerian
Religion: Christianity
ProfessionL Student
Networth Unknown
Source: Mayor Tunes Media

Faith Odunsi Date of Birth & Age

Faith Odunsi Date of Birth
Faith Odunsi Date of Birth
As of 2021, Faith Odunsi is 15 years old.

Faith Odunsi State of Origin & Hometown

Nigerian-born Odunsi hails from Ogun State, located in the southwestern part of the country.

Faith Odunsi Family, Parents, Siblings

Faith Odunsi Family, Parents, Siblings
Faith Odunsi Family, Parents, Siblings

In the family of Mr. and Mrs. Odunsi, both of whom hail from Ogun State, Faith Odunsi was born. Faith Odunsi has other relatives in addition to her parents and siblings.

Faith Odunsi Math Competition & Education

People from all over the world competed in the Global Open Mathematics Tournament. Faith Odunsi, a student at The Ambassadors Schools in Ota, Ogun State, won.

Even though Odunsi won the winner’s title, he also got $1,000 in cash. The organizers would also be there when the award was given out.

Faith Odunsi Math Competition & Education
Faith Odunsi Math Competition & Education

Before the final match, the 15-year-old student from Ijebu in Ogun State had to go through many different things. She was the winner of a tournament. The first stage was a computer-based test (CBT) based on COVID-19. They had to answer many questions in just one hour at this event. This is how it works: He got a score of 66 on the test. She scored 66 again in the second stage. They used Microsoft themes during the first quarter and second half of the competition. During these stages, they were asked questions, and the competitors had to answer them. The first person to put in the correct answer got 10 points, and the second person did not get any points.

She said that the first stage was the hardest for her because she was still getting used to the CBT and how it worked with time and dates. A newspaper said another student from an Asian country came up to her at the semi-finals and told her that she was afraid that other students might beat her in a tiebreaker.

It came down to the finals, and Odunsi won with 30 points. The first runner-up scored 10 points. Odunsi scored 40 points. When she got the last question right, she was sure she would win.

“Being the winner of the Open Mathematics Tournament makes me happy and proud.” My heart started to pound when I won, but I felt relieved. “I was already stressed out because it was a hard competition,” she said.

Odunsi said extra classes were always set up for competitions at school, so her teacher helped her after school. This way, it wouldn’t interfere with her studies. As the date for the competition neared, the teacher had to take her out of class for a few days. She also practiced a lot of questions from other competitions, too. They made her read in two parts.

“I am a boarding pupil, so I had to study at night from 11:00 p.m to 12: 00 am.”

Odunsi said that her parents were a big help to her when she was preparing for the tournament. They advised her and gave her reading tips. She also thinks her father, who used to compete in math when he was younger and is now a doctor, taught her how to do the math.

Math isn’t the only subject she likes. She also likes Information and Communications Technology. Her favorite thing about math is that it’s all about logic and using your brain, and once you understand it, you should be able to figure out how to solve a problem.

Faith Odunsi Math Competition & Education
Faith Odunsi Math Competition & Education

The math questions her classmates ask her don’t make sense to many of them, but Odunsi tries to explain and make sure they understand. She also teaches her friends because she likes to teach to some extent. As for her timetable for studying and solving past questions, she doesn’t let the teaching get in the way of her studying.

As soon as I won the competition, many of my classmates were very happy for me. I also learned that many parents have been coming to the school to enroll their children because of the competition.

It made my father and mother very happy that I had taken part in competitions worldwide.

She also likes to watch interesting movies and play games from time to time. Even in the last inter-house games at her school, she won Monopoly for girls.

Odunsi wants to go to school for Computer Engineering because she likes things that have to do with computers and ICT. On the other hand, she wants to go to school outside of Nigeria because the facilities there are better and the experience is better.

There are a lot of good opportunities outside of Nigeria, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do as well as I can in Nigeria. Set your sights on the future: “I have set my sights on the future, and all these little things can help me get a scholarship to study abroad.”

Odunsi told her friends and other people who thought school was hard not to give up and that they would be able to do it one day.

As of now, no one has been able to answer 16 questions in 60 seconds on the Cowbellpedia Secondary Schools Math TV show. Odunsi did this in 2018.

The TV show about math is sponsored by Cowbell Milk, the best-known brand from Promasidor Nigeria Limited.

Emmanuel Mebude, a student at Ogunlade Memorial Secondary School, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, set a record in 2017 when he answered 17 questions in the 60 Seconds of Fame segment of the competition. This year, Faith Odunsi, a junior category Group F student, answered 19 math questions in that segment to make it to the semi-finals of this year’s competition.

Faith, the only female semi-finalist in Group F, had said that the Cowbellpedia Quiz Show was a lot of fun and interesting.


We were done with our school exams, so our teacher was able to teach us and give us exercises like the ones we did at Cowbellpedia. There was also a crowd to help us get used to the new place. So, the pressure went down.

She said that she worked out all of the math problems in her head before she said the answers, even though most of them were given some paper. They had been taught how to think about questions and avoid making mistakes in her school. Besides that, the school also gives extra classes to competing students.

In Junior Secondary School 2 (JSS 2), Odunsi took part in the national Olympiad, Kangourou Sans Frontieres, the South African Olympiad, and the American Mathematics Competition. She also took part in the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad. Queen of Math: She was crowned Queen of Math for the National Olympiad from grade 3 to grade 2. She won medals at the South African Maths Olympiad. She won silver in the Pan-African Math Olympiad in 2019.


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