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Eric Jean Baptiste Net Worth, Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Cause of Death, Career, Family, Wife

Eric Jean Baptiste Net Worth
Eric Jean Baptiste Net Worth

Eric Jean Baptiste, lottery business magnate, and a bodyguard were killed in Laboule 12, a leafy hillside area in Port-au-Prince, after attackers opened fire on their vehicle, officials said. Jean Baptiste, 52, headed the center-left Assembly of Progressive National Democrats Party and once sought Haiti’s presidency.

Ricardo Nordain, a party official, said Jean Baptiste’s armored vehicle flipped over when it was ambushed.

“He represented a lot,” Nordain said. “His assassination shows we do not have leadership in this country.”

Gangs have long had a presence in Haiti, but their power has grown in recent years amid a broader deterioration of democratic institutions and security conditions. United Nations agencies said this month that gang violence in the capital has displaced some 96,000 people and that gangs have used rape to terrorize the local population.

The area is not too far from the upscale Pèlerin 5 neighborhood where former president Jovenel Moïse was brazenly assassinated in his home in the middle-of-the night on July 7, 2021, and the head of the Port-au-Prince Bar Association, Monferrier Dorval, was also killed in his driveway by unknown assailants the year before on August 28, 2020. In both cases, the murders remain unsolved.

Haiti has been gripped by deepening political paralysis, violence and most recently, civil unrest, since the assassination of Moïse. A gang blockade of the country’s main petroleum terminal, Varreux, is headed into its eighth week and continues to create food, fuel and water shortages amid a new cholera outbreak. On Friday, the United Nations said cholera was now present in most of the country’s regional departments. The world body also said that Haiti’s gang violence has forced nearly 100,000 residents to leave their homes, most settling in sordid encampments on vacant lands and public plazas.


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