Dunsin Oyekan Biography

Gospel musician from Nigeria named Dunsin Oyekan. In addition, he performs on guitar, writes songs, produces music, and is a recording artist. He is the creator of the well-known gospel song Open Up. The song is well-known among Nigerian Christians. The son’s video has received roughly 2 million views on YouTube alone and is hailed as inspirational. The musician who is credited for another song called “If All I Say is Jesus” is Dunsin Oyekan. One of the songs on his Code Red album is the tune in question. The reach of Dunsin Oyekan’s ministry extends not only throughout Nigeria but also throughout the rest of the world. He is frequently referred to as “The Eagle.” He is passionate about the work of winning souls for Christ, and he accomplishes this through the Code Red Worship Experience and the Healing Room Worship Event, both of which he developed. Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, who serves as the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Worldwide, is a source of motivation for him.

Name Dunsin Oyekan
Age (2022) 38
Date of Birth 5 Novembers 1984
State of Origin Kwara State
Occupation Musician
Nationality Nigerian
Net Worth est $250,000
Wife Adedoyin Oyekan (Late)
Children 2
Father Gbadebo Oyekan

Dunsin Oyekan Early Life And Background

Dunsin Oyekan was born on 5 November 1984, in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. The family of Mr. Gbadebo Oyekan had no other children, therefore he was their only son when he was born. Although his father has passed away, his mother is still active and in good health.


Dunsin had his primary and early childhood education in Ilorin at the Airforce Nursery and Primary school. He began his secondary education at Federal Government College in Ilorin and finished the 6-year program at Baptist Model High School in the same city. Both schools are located in Ilorin.


Dunsinc, who was dissatisfied with his level of education, continued his studies at the University of Ilorin, which is located in the state of Kwara. There, he earned a degree in Industrial Chemistry. While he was attending classes at the University of Ilorin in Kwara State, he also met his future wife.


Adedoyin Oyekan was married to Dunsin Oyekan until she died away on the 18th of May, 2019, and they had two children together. He did not post a gloomy message on Facebook when he announced the passing of his wife; rather, he used the occasion to celebrate triumph and the fact that he feels that his wife is now in glory. Although the circumstances of his wife’s passing have never been made public, she was laid to rest in 2019.


For unclear reasons, Dunsin Oyekan does not appear to be interested in getting another wife, and he has not disclosed any plans to do so. On February 2, 2013, Dunsin began a relationship that would ultimately lead to the birth of his two children with his late wife.

Dunsin Oyekan Ministry

The ministry that Dunsin Oyekan now leads was inspired in the beginning by his father’s passion for music. His father encouraged him to take up the bass guitar when he was a little boy and taught him the basics. He complied, and by the time he was 10 years old, he had mastered the instrument. As a result, he developed an interest in music. He began his journey toward a career in the music industry by participating in the choir of the local singing club. Dunsin Oyekan is a music producer by trade. Although he began his musical education on the guitar, he has since expanded his repertoire to include playing a variety of instruments. At one point in his career, he was the director of music for the COZA choir, also known as the Avalanche of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). It is said that a disagreement he had with the leader of the church led to his departure from the congregation.


Despite suffering a setback, Dunsin did not let it discourage him; rather, he persisted in advancing the gospel to the place where he is called to do so. He has ministered on prestigious stages like as “The Experience 2017,” where he performed the song “Na You” alongside Kim Burrell. Other gospel musicians, such as Tasha Cobbs, Kurt Carr, Don Moen, Byron Cage, Tye Tribbett, William Murphy, Chris Morgan, Kim Burrell, Sinach, Tasha Page-Lockhart, Frank Edwards, and Freke Umoh, have shared the stage with him and he has worked together with them. He has also performed alongside them.


Dunsin Oyekan has released over thirty songs and his debut album, which is titled Code Red and contains fourteen tracks, was released in 2016. He is officially a member of the Dunsin Oyekan record label’s roster.


Dunsin was recognized by Ynaija as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Christian Ministry in Nigeria due to the significant impact he has had in the industry of gospel music. At the Africa Gospel Music and Media Awards (AGMMA) that took place in 2019, his song “Imole De” was one of the songs that was considered for the “Song of Excellence” nomination.


Dunsin Oyekan Albums

Code Red – 2016
Kingdom Now – 2019
The Gospel of the Kingdom – 2021

Dunsin Oyekan Songs

  • If All I say is Jesus featuring Tasha Page-Lockhart – 2016
  • Na You featuring Kim Burell – 2016
  • Miraculous God – 2016
  • You are Good – 2016
  • Yahweh – 2016
  • This Is Home – 2016
  • Do To Me What You Want – 2016
  • Just You and Me – 2016
  • With You – 2016
  • Koseni To Dabire – 2016
  • Spotlight – 2016
  • If All I Say Is Jesus – 2016
  • Amazing – 2016
  • Count On Me – 2016
  • Audience of One – 2016
  • Your Name Is Lifted – 2016
  • Hallelujah – 2018
  • Imole De – 2018
  • Song of Angels (Kei Yadosh) – 2019
  • We Worship You – 2019
  • I Proclaim – 2019
  • God – 2019
  • Most High – 2019
  • Open Up – 2019
  • Yhwh – 2019
  • Ageless – 2019
  • Holy – 2019
  • Audience of One/Amazing (Mash-Up) – 2019
  • I’ll Never Stop – 2019
  • Breathe – 2019
  • Absolutely Nothing – 2019
  • I Will Follow – 2019
  • Halleluyah – 2019
  • No Words – 2019
  • You Deserve It – 2019
  • Jesus – 2019
  • Yah – 2021
  • Worship Your Maker – 2021
  • Forever – 2021
  • To know you – 2021
  • At all cost – 2021
  • I’ll be here – 2021
  • Your goodness – 2021
  • The advantage – 2021
  • The blood and the name – 2021
  • The anthem – 2021
  • With Joy – 2021
  • The difference – 2021
  • You remain the same – 2021
  • Fellowship to partnership – 2021

Dunsin Oyekan Net Worth

Dunsin is one of the successful gospel musicians in Nigeria. He is on the list of one of the richest gospel singers in Nigeria. His net worth has not been made public, but it is estimated to be around $250,000.

Social Media

Dunsin Oyekan social media handles are;

  • Instagram: @dunsinoyekan
  • Twitter: @dunsinoyekan

Gospel singer Dunsin Oyekan survives car accident

According to several reports, the music star was involved in the car accident that was reported earlier today Saturday, September 3, 2022, along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

The popular singer was in the SUV alongside some other passengers during the crash.


While giving his account of the accident, the singer narrated how he came out of the accident unhurt.

“If you saw the accident scene that I came out of, you can never believe that I walked out of that scene alive. And to think that we were coming here…and I said lemme sleep a bit and the next thing I just knew we were somewhere,” he said.

The music star went on to perform at the church event where he was invited to minister.
Dunsin is a Nigerian worshipper who uses his gift in service to God.
He began playing the guitar at age 10, and his passion is worshipping Jesus and leading others closer to Him through music.
Dunsin has birthed revelationary songs, sang in choirs, and served as a music director for over two decades.

He is a full-time worshipper who has released three albums.