Dr. Osita Ngwu Biography, Wikipedia, Networth, Career, Age, Wife, Children

Dr. Osita Ngwu Biography, Wikipedia, Networth, Career, Age, Wife, Children

Checkout the biography of Dr. Osita Ngwu Biography, Wikipedia, Networth, Career, Age, Wife, Children here.

Dr. Osita Ngwu Biography

Dr. Emmanuel Ositadimma Ngwu is one of the emerging stars on the eastern Nigerian political scene. He is not your typical Nigerian politician; he is considerate, accommodating, straightforward, and analytical. Above all, he is attentive. He sympathizes with the suffering of citizens, but he offers no excuses for the facts of the current situation. In both private and public settings, Dr. Ngwu blends in as if he has a calm, softly inviting niche carved out for him. He is the type of politician with whom you can debate politics as if you and he are peripheral participants in the current process, assessing and plotting the next steps for those on the front lines. By the time you understand that he is heavily involved in local administration, you have built a cordial and sibling-like relationship with him.

That is the enchantment of “My Mayor,” as a lovely woman of Udi descent insisted on calling him; he is the US counterpart of a vast county administrator.

Dr. Osita Ngwu Biography, Wikipedia, Networth, Career, Age, Wife, Children
Dr. Osita Ngwu Biography, Wikipedia, Networth, Career, Age, Wife, Children

Dr. Osita Ngwu Career

I cannot recall if I have read up to four pages of news articles about the presiding officers of Nigeria’s local government areas (LGA) on the Internet. Nearly everyone is focused on governors who are constantly in the news, such as Zamfara’s Sani (Sarduanan Sharia) Yerima, Abia’s Orji Uzor (Olu Uzo) Kalu, Lagosian Ahmed (Chicago Bull) Tinubu and his endless war with Madam Deputy Governor, Oyo’s PDP-hating-Obasanjo-loving Pa Lam Adesina, and most recently No? Okay, we have read about Edo’s Lucky Nosa (Okada) Igbinedion and the screamed shame of Nigerian Italo prostitutes. Respond to the following inquiry: “Who is the governor of Jigawa State?


Nigerian media outlets have no room for local council tales with so much information emanating from Abuja’s Aso Rock (OBJ) and the Mansion of Minna (IBB). Governor Chimaroke (Ebeano) Nnamani’s (Saturday, August 25, 2001) travel to the Enugu-USA Convention in Houston was likely reported since he was en route to Kaduna to address the Nigerian Union of Journalists. Local council news arrives like telegraphs from the past. Web publishers, who provide yet another filtering phase in the complicated conduit of information transmission, rarely pick up such tales when they slip through. Even when a worthy news article arrives, it is four times less likely to be read, let alone clicked on.

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It is therefore a thrill to have the chance to converse with the chairman of a significant LGA. It is especially crucial because only a small number of individuals are fully aware of the problematic term for elected county authorities, the formation of new LGAs, the election date, and the relationship between state governors. Meeting Dr. Osita Ngwu, the Executive Chairman of Udi LGA, Enugu State, and a stalwart of the Nigerian grassroots leadership community, gave me with invaluable insight into the happenings there. Also, Ngwu carries less baggage than many other chairman; thus, there was less focus on negatives and controversies. In actuality, the upcoming election was not discussed. I suppose J. Clarke was correct after all when he stated, “A politician considers the next election; a statesman, the next generation.”


First, he has a strong working connection with Dr. Nnamani’s state government. Second, he does not have a populace capable of inciting unrest, regardless of the extent of their discontent with the trickling “dividends of democracy.” The pursuit of mindless consumerism is foreign to the Udi. They believe in allowing each regime the space it deserves and in adhering to the established rules of the game to obtain the necessities of existence. Community development was so ingrained in colonial Udi that individuals traveled from as far away as Gwandu to study it. Thirdly, the chairman is not required to nominate a woman to his executive cabinet, as is the case in the nearby Ezeagu Local Government Area, where Attorney Joe Mamel presides. Fourthly, he presides over a relatively safer and more tranquil region of Nigeria.


The Udi Development Association (UDA) in the Washington, DC metropolitan region invited me to the inaugural Udi Day many weeks ago. I joined in. First, as any Enugu native will tell you, you cannot resist the pull of that land of the free and home of the greats, a land of love and liberty, the habitation of free spirits and beings of beneficent physical and divine dimensions. In his limited intelligence, man has always found Udi irresistible. Thus, humanity has survived and flourished for millennia in an atmosphere that promotes liberty and is devoid of pointless battles and abhorrent deeds. On Saturday, August 18, 2001, my passion dragged me 200 miles south to Bladensburg, Maryland in the distant United States.

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The presence of the honored guest, Dr. Osita Ngwu, was an extra bonus to a large family gathering for food, fun, merriment, and fundraising for Udi schools. A network of roads, health centers, modern post offices, water reservoirs, public restrooms, demonstration farms, mobile clinics, soccer competitions, etc. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn firsthand about Dr. Ngwu’s many accomplishments, including the construction of roads, health centers, modern post offices, water reservoirs, public restrooms, demonstration farms, mobile clinics, etc. Dr. Ngwu has also reached out to the grassroots and pushed wards to establish functional popular assemblies centered on traditional rulers and elected ward councilors. This experimental “Fourth Arm” has long overdue arrival. It has existed, but government assistance has never been direct. Its successful deployment will have profound effects on security and “ohanaeze” culture (popular participation in democracy).


In addition to protection of lives and property, the formation of new counties is a serious concern for Udi people living overseas, with or without the “Bakassi Boys” (LGAs). You would anticipate a king to oppose the separation of his kingdom. True, but Dr. Ngwu is not a monarch. As did Chief C. C. Onoh before him, he is aware that the government must be returned to the people. People believed for many years that Chief Onoh was requesting a “political divorce” when he pushed for the creation of additional states from what was then Ukpabi Asika’s East Central State. Today, Dr. Ngwu agrees unequivocally that Udi LGA is overdue for geopolitical surgery. It is likely the only large colonial division that was divided into simply two halves (Udi and Ezeagu). If this widespread desire is fulfilled without a hitch, Drs. Nnamani and Ngwu will be remembered as futurists.


Udi requires more than a simple surgical split; it should be seriously studied for FOUR new LGAs as follows: (1) UMUNEKE: with capital situated on the strip of land along the old Enugu-Onitsha Road and bordering the eight towns, and it should be named “Neke,” after the clan’s progenitor; it would be comprised of the following towns collectively called Umuneke: Udi, Abia, Amaokwe, Agbudu, Obinagu, Umuabi, Umuaga, and Nachi; (2) OSHIE: with capital in a soon

Dr. Ngwu concurs that there is still more work to be done in Udi in terms of modern development. He believes that, once fully developed, Ninth-Mile Commercial Center will provide to Enugu State what Onitsha already provides to Anambra State. A mass literacy campaign was initiated in Udi at a time when many assumed that only the privileged attended school. Udi, the hometown of the first Igbo medical doctor, Dr. Simon Onwu of Affa, should consequently host a college or university campus. Udi should be a manufacturing and distribution hub since Ninth-Mile Corner is one of the busiest motor vehicle intersections in Africa, and it has a historic culture of ironworking.

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Udi Hill, the tallest mountain peak in southern Nigeria, is located in Udi. Nigeria dug abundant coal from its wombs and transported it across the country to the Oji River to generate electricity for all of Eastern Nigeria. Nonetheless, many adjacent settlements, such as Umuaga, which has been exposed to the poisonous and obnoxious pollution for decades, still lack a reliable source of electricity. Some have opined that this verges on obscene. Udi must have uninterrupted access to electricity. Dr. Ngwu guaranteed that the transformers are ready to go, but groundwork was being delayed by certain contractors. If they haven’t fled the city with the mobilization costs, then someone needs to prick them.


Dr. Ngwu confirmed that Udi’s water supply is being taken seriously. In due time, Udi will flourish for all those who believe in its essence: liberty, equality, progress, and brotherhood. Coal mines will be resurrected and coal will glow once more, making resource management beneficial to the populace this time around. With a planned modern market and Tinker industrial layout, a tradition of scholarship, and a burgeoning film industry, Udi has the potential to become the Silicon Valley and Hollywood of Nigeria.


The world’s finest palmwine flows in Udi to complement the finest “okpa” (Udi Bread). Udi’s tapioca salad is so delicious that it’s named “Udi Salad.” With these items, passengers passing through Ninth Mile Corner en route to Abuja via Nsukka, Lagos via Onitsha and Benin City, or Port Harcourt via Enugu and Aba will be treated with affection to the earth’s finest natural products. When Enugu International Airport begins operations, traffic and shuttle services will increase along Ninth Mile. Importantly, the cities of Udi are populated with exceptional human beings, the cream of its future, who support and perpetuate the glory of Udi, Enugu State, Igboland, Nigeria, Africa, and humanity.

Everything else is decoration.



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