Balloranking, a phenomenally talented Nigerian singer and composer, has gifted us with a musical masterpiece in the shape of his current CD, fittingly dubbed “Ghetto Gospel.”

This astonishing album is a treasure trove of musical pearls, with 15 soul-stirring compositions that attest to Balloranking’s unrivaled musicianship. The presence of some of the industry’s most renowned and skilled musicians, including as Hotkid, L.A.X, 1da Banton, Bella Shmurda, Dablixx Oshaa, and many more, raises this album to even greater heights. They have created a joint masterpiece that crosses boundaries.

“Ghetto Gospel” takes you on a thrilling trip through the heart and soul of the ghetto, from the first note to the last crescendo. It depicts vivid depictions of life, difficulties, and successes on the streets with highly resonant lyrics and melodies.

So sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of Balloranking’s “Ghetto Gospel.” Allow the music to embrace you and experience the magic that can only result from the confluence of skill, ardor, and invention. This record is more than simply music; it’s a street hymn, a tribute to unshakable persistence, and a celebration of music’s tremendous capacity to touch our hearts and souls.

Balloranking – Caro (Remix) ft 1da Banton

Balloranking – We Up (Better Days) ft Dyani

Balloranking – Aje Ft. L.A.X

Balloranking – Billion Bucks

Balloranking – Toronto

Balloranking – Aye Ft. HotKid

Balloranking – Healer Ft. Bella Shmurda

Balloranking – Bode Thomas

Balloranking – Hustle Hard

Balloranking – Kefti

Balloranking – Alive

Balloranking – XXL Ft. DaBlixx Osha

Balloranking – Backwoods

Balloranking – Dinah Ft. DwillsHarmony