Elections can often be stressful and tedious affairs, with long lines, boring speeches, and lots of waiting around. But one member of the Labour Party decided to change that by bringing some music and dance to the polling station. Using a popular Nigerian song called “Ellu P Obi Dance” by Dj Yk Mule, this member got voters up and moving, turning the election into a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The “Ellu P Obi Dance” is a catchy and upbeat song that’s been popular in Nigeria for several years. It’s known for its lively rhythm and infectious chorus, which encourages people to dance and have fun. When the Labour Party member heard the song playing at a local party, they realized that it would be the perfect way to liven up the polling station on election day.

On the day of the election, the Labour Party member brought a speaker and played “Ellu P Obi Dance” outside the polling station. At first, some people were hesitant to dance, feeling self-conscious or unsure of the rules. But as more people joined in, the atmosphere became more relaxed and festive, with people of all ages and backgrounds dancing together.

The impact of the “Ellu P Obi Dance” was significant, not only in terms of making the election more enjoyable but also in terms of increasing voter turnout. Many people who might have been reluctant to vote or who might have felt disillusioned by the political process were inspired to come out and participate, thanks to the positive energy and community spirit generated by the dance.

In a world where politics can often feel divisive and contentious, the “Ellu P Obi Dance” is a reminder of the power of music and dance to bring people together. By creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere at the polling station, the Labour Party member was able to make a positive impact on the election and the community as a whole. Perhaps in the future, more political events will include a soundtrack of catchy and upbeat songs, inspiring people to dance their way to the ballot box.


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