Deborah Olawoyin Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Weight Loss, Mizsthicknesz

Deborah Olawoyin Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Weight Loss, Mizsthicknesz

In this post, I will explain all you need to know about Deborah Olawoyin Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Weight Loss, and Mizsthicknesz.

Deborah Olawoyin Biography
Deborah Olawoyin Biography

Deborah Olawoyin Biography

True name Deborah Olawoyin, also known as Mizsthicknesz on social media, is a former plus-size model, weight-loss influencer, social media star, hairstylist, social media booster, businesswoman, YouTuber, and television personality.


Deborah Olawoyin, a Nigerian living in Germany, was formerly deemed to have one of the biggest, widest backsides on Instagram. Still, in just over a year, she had turned into a skinny beautiful woman, having shed almost 120kg of weight.

Deborah shed 120 kilograms (2601 pounds) in a year and a half. She began her weight loss regimen in March 2017 and had reduced 100kg by March 2018. She has been doing so since 2019. She underwent loose skin surgery, beginning with a stomach tuck. Deborah did all this without going to the gym or having surgery, and she is now stunning.

Deborah Olawoyin Biography
Deborah Olawoyin Biography

Deborah Olawoyin Age 

Mizsthicknesz was born on March 26, 1990, in Lagos, Nigeria. She is 30 years old right now.

Deborah Olawoyin State of Origin:

Mizsthicknesz was born in Lagos and raised in Germany, where she now resides.

Deborah Olawoyin Biography
Deborah Olawoyin Biography

Deborah Olawoyin Husband

She is not currently married, but the former plus-size model has a boyfriend she does not publicly display on her social media pages.

Weight Loss, Body Measurement, and Height:

Deborah’s weight reduction adventure began in 2017 when she demonstrated to her fans that anything you set your mind to could be accomplished through her tremendous weight loss transformation. She shed 260 pounds in a year and a half and has maintained her weight loss. She created a YouTube channel to show her followers how she did it without surgery or a gym. Deborah’s story is an inspiration to people all around the world. She has very precise physical measurements and is of average height.

Deborah Olawoyin Biography
Deborah Olawoyin Biography

Deborah Olawoyin Career

Deborah Olawoyin (Mizsthicknesz) is a natural performer. Deborah learned to do her own and other people’s hair from a young age, and she also learned to sew her outfits. She’s a quick study and a go-getter.


Deborah and her business partner Oju established a hook-up WhatsApp group to assist those looking for Love, Fun, or Companionship. If you wish to join the Whatsapp Group, please DM @Mizsthicknesz and @oju babe1 on Instagram.

Deborah Olawoyin Instagram Page

Deborah Olawoyin is one of Instagram’s most-followed social media influencers. She is known to be a fan of breathtaking photos and flaunts her body on her Instagram account. See @Mizsthicknesz’s Instagram profile.

Deborah Olawoyin Networth

She is currently ranked as one of the wealthiest and most powerful people on social media. She makes money on Instagram, and YouTube, as a TV host, modeling, and media influencer. Deborah is estimated to be worth USD 400,000.

Deborah Olawoyin Biography
Deborah Olawoyin Biography

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