Davis Chirchir Biography

Davis Chirchir, who was born in 1960, is an IT expert who has worked in the business world and is now making a name for himself as a trusted political operative. He is known for the part he played in the success of the Jubilee government in the general elections of 2013 and 2017.

The 62-year-old got a lot of attention when he was chosen to be the Energy Cabinet Secretary. In 2015, he was kicked out of the cabinet because of questions about how he got voting materials for the general elections in 2013. It was said that he got millions in bribes to give a British company, Smith and Ouzman, the contract to print the ballots. He is said to have gotten Sh90 million to give a contract to Kenya Power. Even though the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission talked to him, no charges were brought against him. He was put back in charge of CS Energy by President William Ruto.



Royal Halloway, University of London gave him a Master of Business Administration in International Business.


The technocrat got his start at the Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation, which no longer exists (KPTC). He worked his way up until he was the general manager. Chirchir became a senior manager at Telkom Kenya. He was the secretary general for the United Democratic Party from 2011 to 2013. (URP).

In 2013, he was named to the cabinet, a position he held until he was accused of corruption.

Davis Chirchir used to be the head of IT at the Interim Independent Electoral Commission, which no longer exists (IIEC). During the disputed general elections in 2017, he was in the news again because Hon. Raila Odinga said he messed with the servers to help President Uhuru win. At the time, the president had made him the head of the White House staff.

During the planning for the general elections in 2022, he was named Chief of Staff in the Office of William Ruto, who is the vice president.

Dr. William Ruto’s spokesman, Emmanuel Talam, said that the news was true.

“Yes, he is the new Chief of Staff at the Office of the DP, he has been appointed by the Public Service Commission and the appointment takes effect starting March 1,” he told People Daily.

This position fell vacant following the death of Ken Osinde who passed away while receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital.


CS position

On September 27, 2022, the president’s supporter was put in charge of the Energy cabinet.