August 8, 2022
Danielle Reyes Big Brother Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Instagram, Networth

Danielle Reyes Big Brother Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Instagram, NetworthDanielle Reyes, a 30 year old, married mother of 2, media buyer from Fairfield, CA is one of the twelve house guests participating in BIG BROTHER 3 which premieres July 10 on CBS. Photo: Tony Esparza/CBS

Danielle Reyes Big Brother Biography


Big Brother 3 featured Danielle Reyes as a houseguest, and she also went on to compete in Big Brother 7.

On Big Brother 3, she was well-known for her aggressive and competitive demeanor, as well as the fact that she could form a powerful two-person alliance with Jason Guy that advanced to the final three but ultimately resulted in Jason’s elimination. Unfortunately for her, the members of the Jury thought that the confessions she made in the Diary Room were arrogant. As a result, she was placed in second place, behind Lisa Donahue, and received only one vote from the Jury. This resulted in much debate, as many viewers thought Danielle ought to have prevailed over the competition. As a result, the Jury format was altered for subsequent seasons.

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When Danielle returned for All-Stars, she was immediately a target because of the strong strategic player she had become. Throughout the season, she was a vocal supporter of efforts to remove herself from the Sovereign Six alliance. She was also a part of the alliance known as The Legion of Doom, which consisted of herself, James Rhine, Mike Malin, and Will Kirby. The alliance’s primary objective was to eliminate Janelle Pierzina from the competition.


After eliminating her closest ally James in Week 7, the Legion of Doom no longer existed. Danielle solemnly vowed to seek revenge against Chilltown for their treachery. Danielle appeared to be eliminated from the competition when her ally Erika Landin was crowned Head of Household in Week 8. After Erika’s target Janelle won the Power of Veto, Mike and Will convinced Erika that Danielle was a major threat, which resulted in her being evicted by a unanimous 3-0 vote during the first half of the Double Eviction, placing 6th and becoming the fourth member of the Jury. Unfortunately for her, after Janelle won the PoV, Mike and Will convinced Erika that Danielle was a major threat.

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She is considered one of the greatest houseguests in the history of Big Brother and has been given the title of “Greatest Player to Never Win” by fans and many former players, including Will Kirby. Her strong social game and strong strategic abilities contribute to this reputation.



Danielle Reyes Big Brother Wikipedia


The Black Widow


January 22, 1972 (age 50)


Fairfield, CA


Media Buyer



Danielle Reyes Big Brother Age

At this moment of writing, Danielle Reyes is 30 years of age.


This is all that we know about this public figure at this moment. More details coming in soon.

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