Dablixx Osha, a talented musician from Nigeria, has just released an incredible album titled “Country Boy.”

It has only been four months since the release of his most recent breakout EP, which was titled Sick Six. The Nigerian rap singer has returned with a powerful new album titled “Country Boy,” which contains a total of 20 tracks.


The album consists of 20 songs, each of which was sung by him on his own; to put it another way, he did not collaborate with any other artists on the album.


Dablixx Osha – Country Boy (Album) Tracklist:

  1. Hoayn
  2. Chapo
  3. Too Thug
  4. No Jesus
  5. Way Up
  6. No Feelings
  7. Call Me Anytime
  8. Smoke I Smoke
  9. Grind For Money
  10. Protein
  11. Listen To My Song
  12. Codeine
  13. Game Not Over
  14. Get It All
  15. Rehab
  16. Tattoos
  17. Choice
  18. Pray We Live Long
  19. They Can’t Understand
  20. Don’t Go Away