Crayon, the talented and popular Nigerian music star, recently released his latest mesmerizing single which goes by the name of “The One (Chop Life)“.

The single is proof that Crayon’s musical talent continues to blossom and come to life, as he has written and produced a song with memorable, relatable lyrics and an infectious beat that will have you swaying along.

But he didn’t stop there! Crayon has taken this track to the next level by featuring the multiple award-winning artist, Yaba Buluku Boyz, who added his own unique flair that works in perfect harmony with Crayon’s sound.

This impressive single was produced collaboratively between Crayon and the well-known music producer, DJ Tarico. DJ Tarico paid close attention to detail when producing this song and it shows.

Overall, the single “The One (Chop Life)” is an incredible piece of work that should be added to any playlist or music collection. Take a listen and you won’t regret it!