Chop Boii Biography

Chop Boii, a Nigerian singer, was one of the people that was killed in a residence in Gwarimpa, Abuja, along with his producer and other others. Chop Boii, also known as Sempe, was reportedly in the residence at the time of the attack along with his producer, a buddy, and the girlfriend of his producer. All four of them were murdered. Following the execution, their fingers were severed and their blood was used to make writings on the wall. A buddy who witnessed the events and narrated them indicated that Chop Boii was not the target of the assailants, but that he and another friend were in the producer’s house at the wrong time, which led to their deaths. Friends of the excellent singer are expressing their astonishment over her passing, and tributes to her are already beginning to flood in.



Chop Boii age is yet to be known when this article is written


At the time of writing this article Chop Boii, girlfriend or wife is yet to be known


Cause of Death

Princess Nengi, who asserted that she was Chop Boyii’s buddy, was the one who broke the news to the public via a tweet that she sent out.

Her tweet says, “Yesterday my friend and three of his buddies were massacred and killed in Gwarimpa at their house and their fingers were chopped and their blood was used to write on the wall,” and it includes a graphic description of the attack.

“You will be missed by rip chop abuja. It’s just your bad luck that you were there when it happened. He was producing alongside his producer and his producer’s friend, as well as his producer’s girlfriend.

They came for the producer and his girlfriend, but unfortunately for them, they were also there. They massacred them all, even scribbled on the wall with their blood, and chopped off their fingers. The producer and his girlfriend were also killed. He was just harmed”