Cassius Turvey Biography

Cassius Turvey was an Indigenous schoolboy from Perth, Western Australia. He was also involved in the lawn mowing business with his friends. On Tuesday, October 13, 2022, Cassius was allegedly attacked while going back home from school by a 21- year old man identified as Jack Steven James Brearley. It is alleged that the accused man hit the Indigenous teen with a metal pole while walking home from school with friends in Middle.

Following the attack, Cassius suffered serious head injuries, according to reports, the Indigenous schoolboy suffered two strokes and two seizures before passing away on Sunday, October 10, 2022. Cassius died 10 after the attack. The accused man Jack Brearley has been charged with the murder of Cassius and he is set to face charges at a Perth court next month.


Cassius Turvey Age

Cassius Turvey was born in Perth, Western Australia. He died on October 23, 2022, aged 15.

Cassius Turvey Family

Who are Cassius Turvey’s parents? His parents are Sam (father) and Mechelle Turvey (mother). His father died just a month ago after battling cancer. Cassius Turvey’s mother is a Noongar-Yamatji, speaking about her son Cassius, Mechelle said: “He just loved all the young fellas around him. Loved getting out in the community to youth centres.”

Cassius Turvey Death

Cassius Turvey died on October 23, 2022, in a hospital in Perth. The schoolboy was killed in a violent assault in Perth. Friends and leaders have expressed their condolences to Cassius Turvey’s family following his death. The Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese said: “This attack that clearly is racially motivated just breaks your heart. We’re a better country than that and my heart goes out to the family and the friends.”

One of Cassius ‘ close family members Jacob Collard wrote on Facebook: “Cassius Turvey, the most loving and caring person I ever knew. I remember so vividly the day you came over and met my daughter. You’re were in absolute awe to see her, you couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, you were so proud of me and my women Shani Smart.”

“This small act of emotion was the type of man you were. You were the best kid I had ever met. So respectful, well mannered, kind and a big cuddly bear, always giving me hugs. You have been taken from us too soon Cassius, and my heart is so heavy now you’re gone.”

“By blood you are my uncle, but I remember the day I was UPGRADED in your words to brother which you insisted after buying you the KFC MEGA FEAST! I said no but you said yes. You are my uncle, but now and this day forward I will call you my brother. I love you so much brother Cassius Turvey may you rest easy with your daddy and my pop Sam Turvey. My deepest condolences to my nan Mechelle Wilson Turvey, and the family,” he added.

Australian Country Music Artist Troy Cassar-Daley said in a tweet: “I can’t sleep thinking about Cassius Turvey and his short life being taken away by a racially motivated attack, this is not the days of Marshall law folks where Aboriginal people were shot for stealing sheep, this is 2022 FFS! I can’t imaging what his family are going through.”

Cassius Turvey Cause of Death

Cassius Turvey’s cause of death was not revealed. According to reports Cassius died due to head injuries after being bashed by a metal pole earlier.

Cassius Turvey Background/Nationality

Cassius is of Indigenous background, his mother is a Noongar-Yamatji woman. He is of Australian nationality.