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Cara Jocelyn Delevingne is an English model, actress, and singer. She was born on August 12, 1992, and her full name is Cara Jocelyn Delevingne. Her pronunciation is KAH-r DEL—VEEN. After she graduated from high school in 2009, she made a contract with Storm Management.   At the British Fashion Awards in 2012 and again in 2014, Cara Delevingne was named Model of the Year.


Anna Karenina, which was directed by Joe Wright and released in 2012, was Delevingne’s first performance as an actress. She played a supporting character. Her portrayals as Margo Roth Spiegelman in the romantic mystery film Paper Towns (2015), the Enchantress in the comic book blockbuster Suicide Squad (2016), and Laureline in Luc Besson’s Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets are among her most memorable performances.



Early life

Cara Jocelyn Delevingne was born on August 12th, 1992 in the neighborhood of Hammersmith, which is located in London. Charles Hamar Delevingne was in the real estate business and is her father. She was raised in Belgravia, which is located in London. Poppy Delevingne is one of her older sisters, and she also has a half-brother who is related to her father. The man who was Delevingne’s maternal grandfather was a publishing executive and the chairman of English Heritage. His name was Sir Jocelyn Stevens, and he was also the nephew of a magazine publisher and the grandson of a newspaper proprietor. Delevingne’s paternal grandfather was Sir Edward George Warris Hulton.



Her maternal grandmother, Janie Sheffield, was a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret. She was a granddaughter of the 6th Baronet Sheffield and was named after him. Delevingne derives from the Anglo-Jewish Faudel-Phillips baronets; two of her ancestors on that line served as Lord Mayor of London. One of her maternal great-great-grandfathers, Sir Lionel Lawson Faudel-Phillips, 3rd Baronet, is the ancestor that connects her to the Faudel-Phillips baronets. Their names are Dame Joan Collins and Sir Nicholas Coleridge, and they are her godparents.



Before transferring to Bedales School in Steep, Hampshire, Delevingne received her secondary education at the Francis Holland School for Girls in downtown London until the age of 16. Because she struggles with dyspraxia, she felt that education was difficult. In an interview with Vogue that was published in June of 2015, Delevingne discussed her struggle with depression when she was 15 years old: “I was hit by a big wave of melancholy, anxiety, and self-hatred, and the feelings were so excruciating that I would slam my head against a tree in an attempt to knock myself out,” he said. “It was during this time that I tried to kill myself.” She transferred to Bedales School in Hampshire when she was 16 years old, after she had finished her GCSEs, so that she could concentrate on music and theater. After a single year, she decided not to continue and instead followed in her sister Poppy’s footsteps by entering the modeling industry.


At the age of ten, she made her debut in a Bruce Weber photoshoot that was shot for the Italian edition of Vogue. She was discovered by Sarah Doukas, the owner of “Storm Model Management,” which resulted in her signing with the modeling agency in the year 2009. After spending one year gaining experience in the field, she was able to secure a position that paid her, but it took two seasons of going through casting or visual interviews before her career really took off. Her first walk down a catwalk was for the autumn/winter 2011 collection by Burberry Prorsum, which took place in February 2011 during “London Fashion Week.” During “London Fashion Week” in September 2011, she opened and closed the events by modeling for the Burberry Prorsum 2012 spring/summer collection. Additionally, she was responsible for introducing the show. She was discovered once more, this time by Christopher Paul Bailey of ‘Burberry,’ which resulted in her being cast in the spring/summer 2011 campaign of the British luxury fashion label Burberry. In 2012, she participated in a variety of fashion events, such as “New York Fashion Week” for Donna Karan, “Rag & Bone,” Jason Wu, and Tory Burch, as well as “London Fashion Week” and the Burberry Prorsum Womenswear autumn/winter 2012 show. In addition, she walked the runway for Burberry Prorsum Womenswear.


During “Paris Fashion Week” in 2012, during which she ramp walked for seven different shows, including those of Stella McCartney, Nina Ricci, and “Chanel,” she began a professional association with Karl Lagerfeld, the chief designer and creative director of “Chanel.” She became extremely well-known in a relatively short amount of time by walking for a variety of prominent brands and fashion businesses in the industry. She was referred to as “Vogue’s Crush of the Season” in the publication.




In the midst of her success in the modeling industry, Delevingne made her first appearance on the silver screen in the historical romance picture ‘Anna Karenina’ in 2012. She gave a compelling performance in the film as Princess Sorokina, which also included Keira Knightley and Jude Law, amongst other actors. As part of her efforts to advance her modeling career in 2013, she took part in a number of events and walked the catwalk for designers such as Jason Wu, “Rag & Bone,” “Mulberry,” and “Giles,” amongst others. She closed up the year with making an appearance at the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” on November 13, which was among other things highlighted by a performance by Taylor Swift. In 2014, she was the opening and closing model for the Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2014 Show as well as the Topshop Unique Spring/Summer 2015 collection. She also started Karl Lagerfeld’s show for Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection and concluded the show for Burberry during Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection Showcases during “London Fashion Week.” Her first appearance on television took place in June 2014, and it was the last installment of a series of stand-alone television plays called “Playhouse Presents.” There, she performed the role of Chloe, and during that time she got the opportunity to appear on screen with the seasoned English actress Sylvia Syms.



Her other acting projects from 2014 include “The Face of an Angel,” a British psychological thriller film, “The Feeling Nuts Comedy Night,” a 90-minute comedy television event, and a Chanel short film directed by Karl Lagerfeld named “Reincarnation.” She was the creative mind behind the ‘DKNY’ fashion collection that was released on October 15, 2014. In addition, she developed multiple collections for the brand ‘Mulberry,’ the most recent of which was released on June 3, 2015. In January of 2015, she was named the new face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and the new brand ambassador for TAG Heuer. On March 10, 2015, she brought the Paris-Salzberg collection of Chanel to an end at its showcase. She also brought the re-show of the collection to a close on March 31, 2015, in New York. During this time, she was featured in numerous commercial campaigns for well-known brands, fashion houses, and designers. Some of these campaigns include those for “Mulberry,” “Zara,” Marc Jacobs, “Chanel,” “Topshop,” “John Hardy,” and “Disney London,” amongst many more.




On June 8, 2015, her profile was removed off the website of ‘Storm Model Management’ as a result of her decision to focus on acting instead of modeling. Psoriasis, which she had developed later in the month of August, was the primary reason she gave for making such an important choice, she said. In the meanwhile, in July, she was featured on the cover of American Vogue.
The American mystery, comedy-drama film “Paper Town,” which had its premiere in the United States on July 24, 2015, was the one that truly catapulted her career to the next level. It ended up being a financial triumph, earning her two “Teen Choice Awards” and bringing in a total of $85.5 million all around the world. She was also remarkable in the American superhero film “Suicide Squad,” which was released in the US on August 5, 2016, and was released in other countries across the world on August 5, 2016. The movie starring Will Smith and Jared Leto was a huge success at the box office, grossing a total of $745.6 million all over the world. This success garnered another “Teen Choice Award” for Delevingne. In addition to that, Delevingne has appeared in the movies “Pan” (2015), “Kids in Love” (2016), and “London Fields” (2016). Her forthcoming film projects include the science fiction action feature “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” and the historical drama “Tulip Fever,” both of which are slated for release in 2017. She has appeared in the music videos of a number of other artists, including those of Bryan Ferry for the songs “Shameless” and “You Can Dance” from the album “Olympia” (2010); and those of Taylor Swift for the song “Bad Blood” from Swift’s studio album “1989.” (2014).


Personal life

Delevingne has never concealed the fact that she is bisexual and pansexual. It was confirmed that she was dating the American musician St. Vincent in June of 2015. They are currently living together. In September of 2016, they ended their relationship. In May of 2018, Delevingne revealed that she experiences gender fluidity. It is she or her that is referred to. She announced in June 2019 that she was dating actress and model Ashley Benson. Benson is also a fellow celebrity.  ] After dating for two years prior to April 2020, the couple decided to end their relationship.


Delevingne considers herself an animal advocate and lover. In the wake of the fatal shooting of Cecil the lion in 2015, she donated the proceeds from the sale of her own TAG Heuer watch to the organization WildCRU, which brought in a total of £18,600. At the Women in the World event in October 2015, Delevingne discussed her struggle with depression, which she said began when she was 15 years old and learned about her mother’s drug use. The next year, she took a leave of absence from school for a period of six months and consented to begin taking medication, which she claimed had the potential to save her life. She disclosed the fact that she also has ADHD in 2017 on the show This Morning.



In October of 2017, Delevingne claimed that in the year 2016, producer Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed her, attempted to kiss her without her consent, and propositioned her for a threesome in a hotel room in exchange for a role. Delevingne made these allegations in a statement that she released in October of 2017. She was nonetheless cast in the movie despite the fact that she had declined the role, but she claims that she regrets it because his actions horrified her. Tulip Fever, a film that was released in 2017, was produced by The Weinstein Company and stars Delevigne. She further claims that around the year 2014, he told her that because of her sexuality, she would never be able to get job as an actor in Hollywood.


Delevingne has several tattoos. Her first tattoo was a lion on her finger, which was meant to be a representation of her Leo zodiac sign. She has the Roman numeral XII, which is considered to be a lucky number, tattooed on her side under her right arm. She also has the phrase “MADE IN ENGLAND” tattooed on the bottom of her left foot. She has stated that the elephant that is tattooed on her right arm is the most significant of her tattoos because it is a memorial to her late grandma. On her hand, her initials, “CJD,” can be seen.


She has a diamond on her ear and a Southern cross around her ear; a white dove on her finger; “silence” on her wrist; a sak yant on her back; a pair of eyes on her neck; a snake on her hand; a coat of arms on her ribcage; her mother’s name on her biceps muscle; “breathe deep” on her other biceps; “bacon…” under her foot a heart on her finger, a wasp on her ring finger, and the phrase “don’t worry, be happy” tattooed on her sternum. with a cheesy grin painted on one of her toes.


The Instagram handle of Cara Delevingne is @caradelevingne and she has over 42 million followers


  • She is a gifted beatboxer and can play the guitar and drums.
  • Her name finds place in the ‘Mulberry Cara’ designer ‘camouflage’ backpack.


Cara Delevingne and Minke (June 2022 – Present)
30 years (12 August 1992)