It is common knowledge that The African Giant has a talent for producing extremely impressive works, which is why these endeavors merit consideration.

Burna Boy, whose real name is Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, is an artist who has mastered his craft and has wielded it as a tool of excellence and originality. He is without a doubt a rare gem in the history of Nigerian music. He is known by his stage name Burna Boy.

Burna Boy is now considered to be one of the most complete Afro-fusion artists the world has ever seen as a result of his obvious artistic development over the course of his career. The African Giant’s stagecraft, including his pen game, is on par with the way he delivers his songs, making for a well-rounded meal. A musician who is not afraid to use his talent as a voice that speaks about anything and everything, including political and socio-cultural issues as well as issues related to mind consciousness. His music is both thematic and sonically pleasing.

In spite of the fact that we believe some of Burna Boy’s albums are more appealing than others, and despite the fact that he has approximately ten projects (including mixtapes and extended plays) out there, this article will focus on Burna Boy’s albums in the order of preference. As we always say, this article is not meant to diminish the artist’s creative ability.


6. On A Spaceship

After leaving Aristokrat Records in 2014 to start his own record label, Spaceship Records, Burna Boy made his first attempt at creating a project as an independent artist with the release of the 20-track album in 2015. The album was Burna Boy’s first attempt at creating a project as an independent artist. Because there was a lack of coherence and cohesiveness in the effort that was put into the project, we have placed this project in last place. Burna Boy had a difficult time with the project after enduring a year that was fraught with a number of controversies and being forced to work independently. This may have been the result of a number of different factors. In spite of this, “On a Spaceship” was home to many well-known hits, including “Soke” and “Jealousy.”


5. L.I.F.E

The impressive project that was Burna’s debut album, which was released in 2013, was a great way to introduce him to the Nigerian music scene in the proper manner. The entire album was produced by Leriq, who was previously associated with Aristokrat and who is now a member of the roster of Burna Boy’s Spaceship record label. As of the year 2013, L.I.F.E had introduced a new atmosphere to the palongo-dominated Nigerian music industry. This new atmosphere was heavily influenced by reggae, dancehall, and pop music. It is interesting to note that the project featured buzzing acts such as 2baba (2face Idibia), Timaya, M.I. Abaga, Olamide, Reminisce, and Wizkid; the line-up for a debut album was impressive. Hit songs such as “Run My Race,” “Yawa Dey,” “Tonight,” “Like to Party,” and “Jahs Love Is True” were also produced as a result of the project, along with a large number of other songs.


4. Love, Damini

The Grammy Award–winning musician’s sixth studio album was released in 2022, not long after he turned 30 years old. The album was titled “Shortly After.” The album ended up being another one of Burna Boy’s masterpieces, and it was flavored with thematic richness that covered a variety of subjects. It was released in the same year that Afrobeats was the most talked about genre in the world, and it saw international stars like Ed Sheeran, J Balvin, Khalid, and others comfortably deliver on Afro-fusion productions. This was in contrast to the typical scenario, in which African acts are required to please the guests with a sound that is appealing to western audiences. ‘Last Last,’ ‘Common Person,’ ‘Cloak & Dagger,’ ‘Kilometre,’ ‘Its Plenty,’ ‘Solid,’ ‘For My Hand,’ and ‘Wild Dreams’ are just a few of the songs on the 19-track project that stand out as particular favorites.

3. Twice As Tall

The album that won a Grammy! After Burna Boy’s “African Giant” was beaten out by the legendary Angélique Kidjo, the album “twice as tall,” which was released in 2020, was heavily favored to win the most prestigious music award in the world. Several music experts and lovers were confident in this prediction.

Roll-out, distribution, and aftermath activities of the album were all intentional to a fault, and Diddy, an American iconic rapper and music executive, and Bose Ogulu, Burna Boy’s mother and manager, served as executive producers and executive producers, respectively, of the album.

Burna Boy and his entire team came very close to winning the Grammy the year before, and that close call inspired them to create “Twice as Tall.” “Twice as Tall” went on to win the World Music Album category at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, making Burna Boy the first Nigerian solo artist to win a Grammy in that category.

The album features artists such as Youssou N’Dour, Naughty by Nature, Sauti Sol, Chris Martin, and Stormzy, and it offers a wide variety of thematic perspectives, ranging from pain to joy, reality, and friendship, among many others. Additionally, the album is very rich in thematic depth. The project includes a number of popular songs, such as “Level Up (Twice as Tall),” “Alarm Clock,” “Way Too Big,” “Onyeka (Baby),” “No Fit Vex,” “23,” “Monsters You Made,” “Wettin Dey Sup,” “Real Life,” and “Bank On It,” among others.

2. Outside

The perfect project to cement the brand “Burna Boy” and everything he stands for, “Outside” was released in 2018, and it was all about being outside. Burna Boy, who has always been very distinct from his peers and was at the forefront of musicians who would take Nigerian music to every part of the world, cemented that notion with ‘Outside,’ (the project was so surreal that Burna Boy’s fanbase and band is named after it). After walking in that light with an EP titled ‘Redemption’ in 2016, Burna Boy, who has always been very distinct from his peers and was at the forefront of musicians who would take Nigerian music to every part It is difficult to describe the Afro-fusion project, but the development was obvious, and it had a unique feel to it. This was especially true considering that he hadn’t abandoned a project in the previous two years.

As fate would have it, a single from the project ‘Ye’ that was contributed by Kanye West provided the album with the massive boost it required, which resulted in the album making its debut at position number three on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. The project featured appearances from J Hus, Lily Allen, and Mabel, and it included timeless songs such as “More Life,” “City Vibration,” “Sekkle Down,” “Heavens Gate,” “Giddem,” “Street Of Africa,” “Rock Your Body,” “Devil in California,” and “Calm Down,” among others.

1. African Giant

This album, which was coincidentally released in 2019, is the juggernaut of this list, despite the fact that we believe it’s almost on par with ‘Outside’ in terms of quality. Burna Boy, upon realizing what he had accomplished with the song ‘Outside’ on a global scale, ran with that energy, and it was only fitting that he called it “African Giant,” as he was obviously on a mission.

Many people who are knowledgeable about music and appreciate it say that this project was going to earn Burna Boy his first Grammy award, but Angélique Kidjo ended up winning the award instead. Burna Boy was able to strike a balance on this album, ensuring that there is something for all types of listeners to enjoy on the project, regardless of their socioeconomic standing.

Burna Boy had the high class on chokehold with tunes like ‘Gum Body,’ ‘Pull Up,’ and ‘On The Low’ on African Giant, while the streets were having a blast with ‘Killing Dem,’ ‘Gbona,’ and the likes – a classic project that will live forever. African Giant is a classic that will live forever. The Project also released a number of other songs, some of which include “Dangote,” “Secret,” “Destiny,” and “This Side.”