An ongoing pattern of tardiness on the part of the musical artist dug a noticeable hole in the center of the event, which was arguably his biggest headline concert to date. The hole was noticeable.

Brymo Order Concert 2022 Review
Brymo will be performing at the ‘order’ concert in 2022. Image courtesy of Benny Hosea.

It was another blessed first of October, and if you are familiar with Brymo, one of the finest musicians in Africa and beyond, it is imperative that you are aware that his concerts are typically held on that day, which is also Nigeria’s independence day. If you are familiar with Brymo, it is paramount that you are aware of this fact.
Brymo decided to go with a new name for the concert this year, which he called “Order,” a beautiful and clever pick that creates a balance between “chaos” and “peace.” The concert had previously been tagged as “organized chaos,” but Brymo changed the name to “Order.” The Brymo brand has experienced significant expansion over the past few years, and 2022 was not an exception to this trend. This year saw a significant increase in the number of atheists who joined the “sigma” family. In addition, Brymo performed at a greater number of shows in 2018, taking his ministry to the places where he has a devoted following, such as Abeokuta, Ibadan, Abuja, and the United Kingdom.

On the first Saturday in October of 2022, the concert was presented at Landmark Beach. Although it was beautiful, many fans were left with a sour taste in their mouths after attending the concert because it is an annual musical event at which the alternative music king thrills his followers by performing soul-stirring renditions of songs from his extensive back catalog. The following is a review of the event, in which the most memorable good and bad parts are highlighted.


Branding and Partnership

The event demonstrated both the result and the essence of effective branding, and it also highlighted the benefits of partnering with major brands. The previous headline concerts that Brymo has performed have, for the most part, been self-organized, but the concert that took place on October 1st, 2022 was an exception. It’s likely that the fact that there are more people involved played a role in the decision to have a larger stage with sufficient lighting, visual display, and so on. It should come as no surprise that we also doubled our efforts in public relations, advertising, brand promotion, and similar areas before and during the event.


It has been mentioned previously that 2022 may have been the year in which Brymo gained the greatest number of new followers, and this was something that was reflected at the event. This year, in addition to the large turnout, there was a dynamic shift in attendees, ranging from liberals to highly expressive personalities, Gen Zs, and others, making the event a big pot of concoction. In the past, there was a specific niche of fans who attended the artist’s events, mostly “conservative” people. This year, in addition to the large turnout, there was a dynamic shift in attendees. Tickets for Brymo’s outdoor concerts have always been sold on a regular or standard basis; however, for the concert in 2022, VIP seating and table reservations were made available. There is nothing that brings more joy than seeing an artist in whom you have a strong belief sell out the VIP section, which costs thirty thousand naira, for someone who paid as little as two thousand naira during the days when Freedom Park was in operation.


Because Brymo has always been so focused on his solo career, the choice of collaborators he makes is invariably specific and comprehensive. Even though the performer may not be familiar with the audience, they almost always end up delivering spectacular performances that will excite the spirit. Incredible musicians, such as Cill Soul, Dotti the Deity, Bumi Thomas, and a whole host of others, came to my attention because of Brymo’s recommendations. The stage was graced by the award-winning Chike, Cill Soul, Idol Nigeria season runner-up Zadok, and a bunch of other talented acts, so the concert was not an exception to having great performances.

It goes without saying that the night’s headliner, Brymo, never turns in a subpar performance. In the same vein, he never lets the audience know when he plans to exit the stage because they will invariably yell for “more music.” The performances that took place at the event were all impressive, enjoyable, soothing, and thrilling; however, Brymo himself was, without a doubt, the highlight of the evening and the grand performer par excellence!

After discussing the positive aspects of the event, it is unfortunate that the concert, which was called “Order,” was marred by problems that caused too much damage to be ignored. The following are some areas in which we would be thrilled to see advancements in subsequent editions:


Even if this was the only significant mistake that was made during the event, it was serious enough that it affected the outcome of Brymo’s Order and left the attendees with a sour taste in their mouths. To begin, the brand Brymo is well-known among us for its promptness. The man begins his performance precisely at the time that was agreed upon, and it concludes precisely when it should in order for you to go home and bask in whatever enchanted experience he has bestowed upon you. In light of the fact that the event was supposed to begin at 8:00 p.m. local time on October 1st, 2022, the fact that the headlining act did not take the stage until well after midnight on October 2nd, 2022, is extremely outrageous. The Sigmas are not accustomed to this practice, in contrast to a number of other “unserious” Nigerian acts who have made it a habit of abandoning their followers for a number of hours at a time. As a result, there were fans who arrived at the event as early as 6:00 p.m. on that day, only to have to wait more than six hours to see Brymo perform (or not even at all, as there were several instances of people who could not wait and had to leave the event).

To make this fact known, the annual blasphemy event, which had its 2022 edition on June 25 at the illustrious Terra Kulture, also experienced this unnecessary lateness by Brymo. One would have expected that he would not have repeated this behavior at his subsequent headline concert. When Brymo showed up, the crowd did not receive an adequate apology (which he later offered), which made the situation even more awkward. Instead, Brymo, being the egotistical yet jovial person that he is, brushed off the complaints of the crowd by telling them, “f*ck you all, no apologies.”

Despite the fact that this could be interpreted as “bants” or “jokes,” it still managed to throw off some of the fans, particularly the first-timers. These fans must have heard that Brymo is not in the same league as the majority of Nigerian acts that function according to the principle of “African Time.”

As a result of the delay, Brymo was unable to receive the standing ovation following his performance that he deserved and that he normally receives. The majority of the time, when this maestro performs, the audience is never satisfied, even when he performs for two hours (in the average performance, he will perform about twenty songs), because they always want “more music.” However, as a result of the concert running over its scheduled time at the 2022 order, attendees who were feeling tired, conscious of the passage of time, or doing so for some other reason were practically leaving the event while the maestro was still performing, which is an extremely unusual occurrence. A significant portion of the audience left after he took a break and gave the stage to a singer by the name of Cill Soul to perform. As a result, his closing performance did not receive the ovation that it was supposed to receive for a night that saw possibly the largest turnout for a headline concert in his career.

Sound Glitches

Given that the iconic performer performs with very little to no playback, every sound glitch is noticeable and interferes with the performance in some way. Despite the fact that these issues did not occur frequently during that particular show, Brymo Shows are gradually moving in the direction of making them a standard feature.


He is such a performer that those who are on board with him are somehow in a “toxic relationship,” as his music does a lot for the soul. His music does so much for the soul that even though everyone was pissed off about his late coming, as soon as he stepped on stage, the lateness didn’t matter at that moment. There is no doubt that Brymo always gives his fans the value that they expect from their money. The fact that over the years he has established certain standards that his followers have come to embrace means that if he is unable to meet those standards, there will undoubtedly be negative consequences. The 2022 Brymo ‘Order’ concert was an unforgettable evening that was filled with a magical blend of rhythm, melodies, and joyful chants, but the lateness did a lot of harm, making it an experience that was both sweet and sour at the same time.