Brett Finch Biography

Brett John Finch is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played in the 2000s and 2010s. Finch was born on the 20th of August 1981 in Australia. Halfback for the New South Wales State of Origin, he also played in the National Rugby League for the Canberra Raiders, Sydney Roosters, Parramatta Eels, and Melbourne Storm, all of which are teams in Australia. Finch was also a member of the Wigan Warriors, an English team who competed in the Super League (with whom he won the 2011 Challenge Cup Final).

Brett Finch Birthday, Age, Zodiac

On August 20th, 1981, Brett was brought into this world. Therefore, he is currently 41 years old and has been retired for some time. According to western astrology, as he was born on the 20th of August, he is classified as a member of the Leo Zodiac Sign Category.

Brett Finch Birthplace, Parents, Education

The city of Maitland in New South Wales, Australia, is where Brett was born. Robert Finch, the man’s father, played the sport of rugby as well. His father’s playing career spanned the decades 1970–1980. There is no information available on Brett’s mother, including her name or identity, and there is also no information regarding whether or whether Brett has any siblings. Although it is not known for certain, it is possible that Finch completed his formal education at one of the area’s schools. He attended Erindale College in order to further his education. Finch was a member of the squad “Australian Schoolboys” in 1998, which competed while he was still in college. In addition to playing for the Hunter Mariners, he was a member of the Valentine Devils during his junior year.

Brett Finch Canberra Raiders, Sydney Roosters

Finch started up his career in rugby with the Canberra Raiders in 1992 and remained with the team until 2002. In 1999, at the age of 17, he made his first game appearance in round 14 against the Melbourne Storm. In 1999, due to his outstanding play, he was given the Rookie of the Year title by the club.

After that, in 2003, Finch began his career with the Sydney Roosters, where he remained active until 2006. The Roosters, including Finch, who won the NRL championship in 2002, went to England to compete in the 2003 World Club Challenge against the St. Helens R.F.C., who won the Super League championship. The game was won by Sydney, with Finch participating in the game from the trade-off bench. After being hit with objects by a fan of the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in 2004, Finch caused a stir when he threw a bottle back into the audience in response to the incident. The Sydney Roosters finished in first place in the NRL Grand Final in 2004, while their opponent, Canterbury-Bankstown, finished in second place. The match was between these two teams. Halfback was one of the positions that Finch played with the Roosters. Finch was granted an early release from his contract by the Sydney Roosters, which he had requested. Not long after that, he became a member of the Parramatta Eels.

Brett Finch Paramatta Eels, Melbourne Storm

After agreeing to a contract with the Roosters for a period of two years, commencing with the 2007 season, he moved on to play for the Parramatta Eels. However, later on in the season, his contract was extended through the conclusion of the 2011 NRL season, and it was said to be worth $1 million for all three years of the extension. Despite the fact that Finch’s contract with the Paramatta Eels was extended all the way through 2011, the CEO of the club announced in 2009 that the player will be freed from his obligation to the club. The fact that Finch was playing halfback for the team at the time may have led head coach Daniel Anderson to the conclusion that he was not the right person to move the team forward. This is one possible explanation for the abrupt dismissal.


Finch could not be stopped at any cost. In April of 2009, he promptly signed a deal with the Melbourne Strom for a period of one year. The Melbourne coach thought that Finch would offer depth and experience to their side as well as provide them extra alternatives in the halves, in contrast to his previous coach at Paramatta, who did not share this belief. His coach proved to be right about him, as is evident from his 2019 NRL Grand Final match.

He had his revenge on his previous side, Parramatta, by dominating them in the NRL Grand Final in 2009 and setting up two tries to position himself as the victor.

However, after further investigation, the NRL found significant breaches of the pay cap and disqualified the Melbourne Storm from winning this match. Finch was playing in his third Grand Final, having previously competed in and lost the 2003 and 2004 championships with the Roosters. Despite this, he continues to maintain the conviction that Melbourne’s victory in the Grand Final was fair and that he is a player who has won a premiership. Finch also came back to play for Melbourne Storm in the NRL for the 2013 season in a reserve role.


 Brett Finch Wife, Daughter, Mental Health Issues

In 2018, Brett wed Elli Johnston, the woman he had been seeing for a long time. Before getting married, they had been together for a total of five years during their dating relationship. A year after they tied the knot, Brett and Elli welcomed a daughter into the world and gave her the name Mackenzie Grace.

Because of problems with his mental health, Brett had resigned from his position at Channel 9 previously. After an incident that occurred when Finch was traveling between states in a plane, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on October 24, 2019, that Finch had checked himself into a mental health facility as a result of the event. It seems that things have gotten more severe. Finch was observed dozing on the aircraft while suffering from a bloody nose. When it came time to exit the aircraft, he gave off the impression of being terrified, as seen by his pale complexion and bleeding nose. It seemed as though he was neurotic, but he was not aggressive in any way; rather, it was as though he was afraid of getting off the plane.



Brett Finch Child Abuse Controversy

In December 2021, Brett was arrested on the basis of the charges that he had shared five types of content that involved child abuse, and he faced those charges. Within a Gay Chat Group, he distributed a collection of voice recordings that portrayed the sexual abuse of young boys. After it was determined later that he had also utilized a carriage service to make content that was abusive to children available, he was taken into custody by the NSW Police. He was out on bail before to the processes that would determine his punishment, and he recently avoided going to jail when he pled guilty and blamed his crimes on his Drug Addiction in November of 2022.