Boi Chase – Extra Cool Refix Mp3 Download


The incredible vocalist Boi Chase, whose “EXtra Cool Refix” (Special Version) version is gaining popularity on TikTok Nigeria, offers a different perspective with this rendition.

How did you tell us about Boi Chase? The influence of the internet and how quickly things can change are simply astounding, in our opinion. Since the beginning, the first mood has been a smash hit, with listeners all around the world bopping along to the music. We had to give you a glimpse of “Xtra Cool Refix” (Special Version) because our minds are always wandering about it.

Young Jonn switched to writing music instead of writing classical songs, and he hasn’t disappointed his fans or those who appreciate music. The song “Xtra Cool Refix” was actually instrumentally composed by the record producer Reward Beatz. Young Jonn, one of the most gifted music producers in the world, made a decision about his profession that was crucial to the development of his modern live renditions.

Also, take into account how Boi Chase has gained popularity with his rendition of Pheelz’s “Electricity.” This new addition gives us a preview of what the brilliant young vocalist will be able to do before the year is up.

The catchy lyrics on “Xtra Cool Refix” (Special Version) include:

Omoge no doubt
Na you dey blow my mind
You dey give me peace of mind
You dey blow my mind
Nobody compare ya
Baby girl ya finer
Me I no dey para
Osha pra pra pra
Can’t lie you put me in the mood
And I know you want am too
Girl I carry shoulder down for you
Jowo ma fi mi pa
Omo you don make my spinal loose
Girl I carry shoulder down for you
Jowo ma fi mi pa