Bigg Boss 16 18th October 2022 Written Episode

Day 17
8 AM
Everyone wakes up to the alarm and sings the anthem.


9 AM
Shiv says Priyanka does the glasses. She says it’s not my duty. He says Sumbul isn’t well, I will not do it every day. This isn’t my task. Gori hasn’t washed her cup either.


9:30 AM
Priyanka asks why did you keep it here Nimrit? This is right? Nimrit says yes but I didn’t keep it here. I used another glass. Nimrit says we are all educated but don’t force me to say things. Nimrit says don’t whine at me. I didn’t use it. Stop yelling. Get a grip on your tone. You’re self-obsessed. Priyanka says I am. Shiv talks to Stan.


10:45 AM
Abdu asks Stan why are you not talking to anyone? He says I don’t care. He says do you miss Bobs? He says yes. Abdu says to talk, please. Abdu hugs Stan. He says don’t be sad. I miss my family too. Don’t cry. What happened? We were here yesterday. Abdu says to take it easy.


11 AM
Abdu dances. Ankit says first 5 days, it was good. It is irritating now. Abdu says I don’t understand now. Sumbul says sing chota bhai jaan. He sings. Everyone laughs. Sajid says go please Nimrit is calling you. Sajid shoots him. He keeps singing.


11:15 AM
Manya fights with Archana. Archan says I cook and she only creates drama. Manya says I will make it myself. Don’t do this drama with me. Your grocery isn’t even here. Manya says it’s your duty to cook. Abdu says Pagal.. he makes fun of them. Sumbul dances. Manya says shut up. You only know how to speak rubbish. Abdu says my hands are full. Tina says I love you Abdu. Shalin says what is this happening? Tina says, love.


11:30 AM
Manya says you stole my grocery. Archana says I didn’t steal anything. Manya says I will cook the dall with my choice. Manya says don’t go in my room. How dare you touch my things. You don’t know how to cook, it’s not my fault. Archana says I can go wherever I want. She stole from y room. Archana says stop calling me theif I will slap you. Manya says I will see how you do that. Try even slapping me. Priyanka says she abused me. Archana says I will break her hand. Everyone tries to calm them down. Archana says she is calling it theft. Stay within your limits. Priyanka calms her down. Manya says to Shiv I am fighting for room 6. Where is everyone else? Archana says I will give her hand in her mouth.


11:45 AM
Gori sits with Stan. She says I don’t want to fight with you. Abdu says don’t be sad. Gori says I am sorry. They hug him. Abdu says I love you, brother.


12 PM
Archana says I was cooking. Manya says we don’t want poison. I will cook myself. Gori says Archana you threw the vegetables. you have no shame. Gori says don’t lie. Archana says did you see? She says Manya saw it. Archana says don’t dare to touch me. Priyanka says if you didn’t see it then how can you blame her Gori? Archana shouts. Gori teases her. Gori says she threw it. Priyanka says how can you claim if she didn’t. You can blame it on me? Gori says stop trying to intervene in everything. Archana says their parents have taught them nothing. Manya says don’t talk about other people’s parents. Archana says I have good manners, not like you. Gori makes faces at her. Archana shoves her. Gautam asks them to calm down. Gori throws water at her. She says how dare she shoves me.


12:15 PM
Archana says they can’t accuse me. Gori says she has hit me. Gori throws water, it falls on Priyanka. Priyanka says how dare you throw water on me. Ankit calms her down. Shiv asks Gori to sit. He says they will blame you if you touch them. Nimrit says no one can touch others. You touched her Archana. Archana says she threw water on me. Priyanka says to keep your hands to yourself. You have no manners. Don’t point fingers at me. Gori says to stop taking Archana’s side. Priyanka says I’ve seen many like you.


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12:30 PM
Nimrit says you had to stop it Shiv. This behavior isn’t right from both sides. Shiv takes Archana to a side. She says if anyone accuses me I will break their face. Gori says she shoved me. Archana says she thinks she can abuse me? Shiv says it won’t work like this. Stan says she pulled your hand. Shiv says don’t use water or hands. Priyanka says Gori also shoved me. Stan says you were going near her first. Nimrit comes there. Priyanka shows your real self on national TV. Archan comes out too. Shiv takes Gori inside. Priyanka says why are you silent now?


12:45 PM
Gori throws water into Priyanka and Archana’s clothes. She says I will see what she does. She threw water on my face. Gautam and Shiv try to stop her. Shiv says out for more fight. Gori tells Shiv I threw water in Archana’s clothes. Tina asks Gautam why didn’t stop her. He says the captain should.

1 PM
Nimrit says why is Shiv not taking responsibility as a captain. Stan says she shouldn’t have thrown water. Nimrit says over such a small thing Archana created such a big fight. Shiv says to Gori this isn’t right. Nimrit says how is this acceptable? He says I am handling things myself as a captain. She says don’t get personal. This is increasing. I have appealed big boss that this is wrong. He says I will handle it.

1:45 PM
Archana says she’s a fox. Attack on myself, not my clothes. Gori says I am standing in front of you, do want you to want. Archana says you have no worth. I threw water on your face and you threw it on my clothes? Gori says Bigg Boss she’s getting personal. She says Shiv you can’t see? Shiv says I have had enough. I am not here to note your words. You’re both showing what you both are. Don’t drag me in it.

2:30 PM
Bigg Boss calls everyone in the living room. He says many people have a talent for being invisible in this house. They came here to make a place in the hearts of the captains. There are people who are taking just space in the house. Chairs are more visible than them. You all have to tell me the names of 2 people who had the least contribution. Archana says Sajid and Sumbul. Sajid doesn’t get into anything, he only observes and Sumbul is scared. Gautam says Sajid and Manya. Manya doesn’t keep her point. Soundarya says Sumbul and Manya. Priyanka says Manya and Sumbul, like being alone. Ankit says Sumbul and Manya. When there’s a fight or task Sumbul is on the side. Shiv says Sumbul and Manya. She never gets into anything and Manya doesn’t like people. Abdu says Archana and Manya. People explain to him. He says Manya and Sumbul. They are always in corners. Shalin says Manya has no grounds. And Sumbul, I want her to do her best. Gori says Sumbul and Manya. Manya is full of herself and Sumbul is always hidden. Tina says Manya and Sumbul. Sumbul isn’t involved in tasks. Stan says Sumbul and Manya. Nimrit says Manya, takes too long to observe. Sumbul has very less involvement. Sajid says Sumbul and Manya. I thought to copy everyone. Sumbul says Sajid and Manya. They both don’t involve in things. Manya says Sumbul and Soundarya. We aren’t here to make relationships. Don’t shoot using other people’s shoulders. Soundarya says I hit in the bull’s eye.

Bigg Boss asks Sumbul and Manya to wear the masks in the store and wear it till he mentions otherwise. Sumbul says thanks, guys. They go into the store and wear black masks.

3:15 PM
Tina says Sumbul. She ignores her. Shalin says she won’t come. Tina says I know you feel bad but you can’t blame yourself. Tina comes to Sumbul and says come sit with us, don’t sit alone. She says Sumbul please take things positively. This show is based on opinions. If you get hurt over small things, it won’t work. Sumbul says I don’t care. Shalin says shut up. Tina says you can’t force it. Shalin says she can’t say such things. Tina says why did you come here? Shalin says why did you come here? What was on your mind? She says to do something different.

Shiv says to Manya you have to let your thoughts out. Shalin says don’t argue. He says to make yourself stand. Tina says you can’t force her to do and say things. Shiv says this mask will make you more visible. Shalin says Sumbul go enjoy this time. She says I don’t want to. Tina says you’re wasting your time. Sumbul says I wanna go back home. Tina says you’re getting so much from this show. She says I can see it.

4 PM
Archana cries. She says I swore on my mom for one fruit. I feel so bad. Shalin consoles her.

6:15 PM
Bigg Boss says you all had to tell your favorite contestant. The most favorite are Abdu, Sajid, Stan, and Gautam. I am giving them a right to do Shahrukh Khan’s iconic scene. Sumbul and Manya can also be part of the scene but with masks. Abdu sings Shahrukh’s song. Priyanka reads, you 4 can change bedrooms. Gautam has a room of 2, Stan has a room for 3, and Sajid and Abdu have room 4. You can choose the rest of the roommates. You will all take them to the room like Shahrukh Khan on the train. People who are left would be going to room 6. You have to convince them to take you to the train and take you to the train.

6:45 PM
Tina says Stan please choose me. Abdu sings tujhe dekha tu yeh jana with Soundarya. Archana says I have to impress for the room. She says to Gautam you and I can be in one room. He laughs. Archana says don’t go. Sajid and Abdu decidedde. Abdu says Gori and Nimrit? He says Priyanka? Sajid says that she would come with Ankit.

7 PM
The train is on. Gori says Stan I want to be in your room. Nimrit says Raj I will do all the shores. Soundarya says I have all qualities, Raj, to Gautam. Archana says Raj you can take me. Soundarya says Raj you know what’s in my heart. Gautam takes Archana. Everyone laughs. Archana dances with him. Soundarya says my heart is broken. Archana says thank you.

7:15 PM
Soundarya says Abdu he has ditched me, would you marry me? He loves Archana. Abdu laughs. Manya says I am shocked. I thought Gautam would take Nimrit or Soundarya. Tina says yeah me too. Shiv, Stan, and Sajid try to decide. Shiv says tell them you have one space only. Tina says to Stan you can do what you want. He hugs her. She says I didn’t ask anyone. Tina says to Nimrit, they might take Shalin. Shiv asks Stan to decide for himself.

Stan gets on the train. Nimrit says Abdu I do your massage, take me. Tina says Raj we are good friends, I will keep the room clean. Stan pulls Shalin and Abdu pulls Ankit. Abdu says to Shalin wow.

8 PM
Tina says Shalin is a mastermind. Shalin says to shiv and Stan brotherhood above everything. I am straightforward. Tina says to Nimrit that Abdu isn’t a kid. She says Sajid convinced him. It’s irritating him. Tina says Stan said we are thinking of the future. I won’t request anyone now.

8:15 PM
Soundarya says we can see real faces. Shiv says I asked Abdu. He said yes. Nimrit says to Abdu we realized you only do what Sajid and Shiv ask you to. I am angry. Sumbul says your wife is angry. Priyanka says Shiv is playing a game, I will ruin his game. Priyanka and Nimrit talk. Nimrit says it’s funny. Nimrit says we will be in one room. Priyanka says we can be stronger as friends.

Abdu says to Soundarya we love you but we are friends, only room changing. Tina says if you love Nimrit, you should choose her. You should do what want not what others ask.

Archana says to Sajid use your mind, not Shiv. Priyanka says you think yourself. Archana says everyone is doing politics.

8:30 PM
Bell rings. Abdu and Shiv get on the platform. Does Sajid say what’s the benefit? Nimrit says I will do the chores. Nimrit says Shiv has decided everything. Sajid takes Sumbul. She says hi bro. Bigg boss says everyone else is crowded and will get to room 6. Nimrit, Soundarya, Priyanka, Tina, and Manya no one chose you, so you will all live in a room of 6.

Tina says to Shalin Shiv brainwashed Stan. He wanted to take me only. Shiv says Tian said Shali can change anytime. Stan says I understand that.

Episode ends