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A warm greeting from Salman. Today, he promises, I shall meet them onstage. He remarked, “Archana, you look disappointed that you missed the party.” Is there a party outside? he inquires to Priyanka. A great time was had by everybody, according to her report. According to Salman, Ankit doesn’t seem to mind that he wasn’t invited to the celebration. I believe that what is destined for me will come to me, adds Ankit. Salman claims that your family contacted and informed him that you were in the Bigg Boss house, but that they haven’t seen your son since he entered. Is he still around? Someone from Bigg Boss has informed them that you have departed for Thailand. They’re having a good time. Salman asks, “Who do you plan to talk to first?” According to Ankit, I have communicated. I try to talk to as many people as possible. Salman claims that you two are now chemically incompatible. You need to convey enthusiasm, Ankit. There’s stuff for you to do here. You owe it to your audience to keep them interested. This space is reserved for your original script. Embrace your individuality and flaunt it. There is no better way to spend a Saturday than by going out and enjoying all that Dhand bhed has to offer. The way Shalin sees it, you obtain what you want whether by trick or crook.

According to Salman, we should begin with the letter saam. It’s up to you guys to figure out who’s a bust and who’s a hit. You’re going to make him spray foam on his face and have him wear a garland. An early shiv. In his opinion, Abdu is successful whereas Shalin is not. When Shalin confronts him, he sprays foam in his face and apologizes. Salman urges you to not feel remorse. Your efforts have paid off. In Nimrit’s opinion, Gautam is a hit, but Priyanaka is a flop. They don’t need someone as petty and pointless as her. In Gori’s opinion, MC is successful whereas Ankit is not. Ankit is a somewhat inactive character. To paraphrase Sounadrya: “Hit Tina, flop Ankit.” Abdu suggests you hit Gautam and flop Archana. He squirts the mist directly into Archana’s face. They’re having a good time. According to Tina, Sumbul was successful whereas Ankit was not. We can’t have any kind of conversation right now. Manya recommends going with Gautam and flopping with Sreejita. She exceeded all bounds. To put it mildly, she needs to learn some manners. Archana declares that Shiv hit and Tina flopped. According to Shalin, Stan drew and Sreejita struck out. According to Sumbul, Shalin was successful, while Ankit was not. According to Gautam, Nimrit was successful whereas Shiv was not. Personally, I think she makes a great captain. This prompts Shiv to shift his stance.


For Sreejita, Gautam has taken a blow. And Manya is an utter failure; she imagines that we have all wasted our lives and that only she has accomplished anything. My friend Priyanka tells me that Shiv has been injured. He’s a good player and it shows. And Nimrit bombs, she gets all emotional about it. Here comes Ankit. Salman claims you’re going to start using your own name. Even while I agree with him that she hasn’t interacted much, he claims that Priyanka is a smash hit whereas Gori is a failure. According to Stan, Sajid is more successful than Priyanka was in my life. She constantly assumes the role of “second mother” for the sake of others. According to Sajid, Stan is successful whereas Abdu is not. Although Sajid claims innocence, he devours the surveillance footage. Inquiring minds want to know why, so Abdu turns to Sajid. I will explain, he says.


Rashmika and Nina Gupta are welcomed by Salman. Salman applauds the finished picture and expresses his admiration for the team. Nina claims, “I like Abdu a lot.” Nima requests an elderly female role in one of Salman’s films. But, he retorts, you’re not even old. Rashmika enjoys listening to Telugu conversations. Salman paraphrases what she says. People, he tells Rashmika, want you to take a certain action. Also, is it possible to ask for…? If you join me in doing it, she promises, I will do it too. Salman joins in a dance with the lady. Salman presses Nina with a Bigg Boss question: “What would you do?” She predicts that in the first episode I will be absent. Once again, we see Salman filming prisoners. Everyone is introduced by Salman. Taking up the role of captain, he claims, is weighing heavily on Nimrit. Meet Shiv, the victors of the Marathi season of Bigg Boss. Haryana too has its own Shakira in the form of Gori. Then, Soundarya practices dental medicine. Next, there’s Abdu, the object of every female’s affection. They told Abdu, “We adore you.” Salman claims that Tina is an actress and a close friend of Sreejita’s. Then there’s Tina’s pal Sreejita. Manya, the daughter of a rickshaw driver, placed second in the Miss India pageant. Furthermore, Archana has political aspirations. A rapper with the name of MC Stan. Look at all the gems, Salman boasts. In Rashmika’s words, that’s quite elegant. Sajid Kahn, Salman says so. The two of them, Priyank and Ankit, are good buddies. Followed by Gautam, Sumbul, and Shalin. Shalin is a performer both on and off camera.


Salman claims that a group has formed and is working together. If you enjoy it, you will be rewarded with a daam. I have a job for you. He then orders Shalin to perform the chicken dance in exchange for some chicken. To put it simply, Shalin dances. According to Salman, Rashmika is unimpressed. Nothing resembling chicken will be provided. Next, Salman tells Manya, your gift is that you won’t have to report for service until the next weekend. People who actually merit these sashes need to be the ones who wear them. Manya reads, eager for visual content. She forces Soundarya to don the runner-up prize. Manya claims that she first visits the kitchen after reading all mail. To Priyanka, she awards second place. Manya claims that she constantly becomes involved in the drama of others. According to Rashmika, you’re the victor! The name she uses is Archana. She looks on the bright side of life. Nina approves, making her the victor.


Salman tells Archana that as a gift, she will receive double the usual amount of milk and two of everything from each of the hotel rooms. The objective is to get MC Stan to part with his 80k shoes. If you listen to Archana, MC Stan, you will stare directly into my eyes. As Salman puts it, Boba is keeping an eye on things. MC puts up a wall and tries to tune her out. Exactly what will Boba say, Salman asks. Rashmika has announced that time has expired. And according to Archana, he apparently didn’t give it. None of my spells took effect. Visitors have left.


Salman says your next mission is to reveal who among you is unfit to hold the position of captain. The best four will complete an activity, while the weakest performer will be demoted from captain and not be able to take part in future activities. It’s Shalin, according to Stan. The man is unfair. Sajid claims that Abdu won’t listen to anyone and that no one can comprehend him. According to Ankit, Gori just can’t make up his mind. Priyanka claims that Nimrit is not a rule-follower. According to Sreejita, Tina is a rule breaker who is good at stopping others. Tina says she made some inquiries and was given the all clear. Shiv, Gautam says, he can’t even articulate his thoughts. Discourteousness wells up in him. According to Sumbul, Priyanka is not a good leader. If Ankit becomes captain, Shalin tells him, Priyanka, not he, will have the final say. When Nimrit mentions Priyanka, he becomes extremely vindictive. Shiv claims that Gautam does not consider all perspectives. This is what Gori calls Nimrit. This is her last chance; she’s had plenty of others. Soundarya claims that Manya never helps out around the house. Sajid sir, Abdu says. To put it mildly, he had a good time. Why, asks Salman. With an arrow aimed at me, he says. Says Salman, “Vengeance?” To put it mildly, he had a good time. When asked who is the most dominant, Tina would respond Priyanka. Manya replies, “Gori, I have not seen those abilities in her.” For Archana, the answer is Abdu. He can’t believe it. What, me? Archana claims he is confused.


It’s time for Nimrit, Priyanka, Abdu, and Gori, according to Salman. He then has them pair up with others they think can be of assistance. When asked who their gods are, Gori says Shiv, Priyanka says Sreejita, and Abdu answers with Sajid. They all poke fun at him, but Sajid still chooses him. Nimrit ends up picking Gautam. According to Salman, choosing a life partner is mandatory. Both players must agree on a partner, and the one who does not will be eliminated. You’ve got a great chance of winning, Salman tells Sajid, because his partner is so weak. They’re having a good time. If they don’t want to compete, Salman tells them to sit down. Others, though, get to choose their companions. To gauge Gautam’s emotional state, Salman inquires, “How do you feel?” Gori tosses away Shiv. It’s bad news for her. Next week, Salman says you won’t be captain.


What does Salman nominate for? Everyone in the room puts up a hand. To hear Salman tell it, the traveler whose time has come has come to an end. In other words, MC Stan. Can you guess who it is? Says he. Apparently, according to Salman, nobody would go. In other words, don’t take it easy. There will be no annihilations today.


Within the confines of the home,

Anger has risen in Shalin. Stop talking to me like that, Tina warns. According to Shalin, I should not have any more dealings with Tina. She is not a buddy of mine. It is not true that I serve anyone as a slave. Sumbul claims you pay no attention. Read what I have to say. The answer is negative, he claims. It’s up to you, she essentially says. Tina reminds Shiv that the game has only just begun. Positively speaking. Not me, Priyanka or Ankit, Shalin tells them. I can decide for myself. I don’t need someone who is so shallow that they are easily angered. We have been given permission to speak with Sumbul.


My friend Abud assures me that everyone can follow what I’m saying. Obviously, I have no problem taking command. Nimrit thinks he is adorable. Putting it simply: I adore you.


Priyanka tells Ankit that he must support his pal if he needs help. Take a stand and do something about it. Just let your true feelings out. Put your foot down and answer yes or no to certain things. I understand, he says. And I said you needed fans because I want you to be famous, Shalin tells MC Stan. Since no one came to me, I can only believe what Tina tells about how Shalin treated me. According to Gautam, you voluntarily departed. The events, according to Tina, were witnessed by everyone. Actually, nobody even tried to find me. During those two hours, I sat in silence. Sorry, I don’t understand any of you.


Priyanka tells Ankit that she and he couldn’t be more different. Both Gautam and Shalin are off-limits for conversation. You have never deceived me in such a way before. The conversation was one-sided from my perspective. Because of the big boss, I can’t keep doing this. He claims that my silence will cause our friendship to terminate. She claims that you and I avoided each other at Udaariyan due to our similar personalities. I have no idea, so why not just roll with whatever happens?


Tina claims that she is following a plan in order to generate material for her writings. Years ago, Sreejita and I had some disagreements. We’re not close, but we exchanged pleasantries. Apparently, she thinks that Gautam and SHalin are causing me trouble. I’m cool with her as long as you guys are. Sajid tells MC Stan that Nimrit will continue to serve as captain. We can win, according to Stan. That is, if we all decide to oppose her. According to Sajid, I recognize them all from the television. They’ll have each other’s backs. You’re abandoning the squad for a girl who won’t back you, asks Tina to Gautam. Sorry, Shalin tells Tina, but I was really unhappy. Why you have to take everything so seriously is beyond me. Your friend Tina mentioned that you invited Sumbul around for dinner. According to his account, our relationship was tense. She says, “I need to know what you value most.”


So far as I’ve heard from Soundarya, I’m not on Nimrit’s side. If she wants to be the star, why does she keep making everything about her?

There’s a fight between Priyanka and Archana in the kitchen. This is where Archana’s persuasive skills come into play. Sumbul has informed me that she is hungry for rice. Archana recommends doing it on your own. And according to Sumbul, I was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, I can’t just demand food by raising my voice. We’ve run out of rice. To hear Sumbul tell it, I never even existed. After all, I am not your servant, Archana claims. Prepare the meals on your own. Archana has requested that we prepare rice. Without it, I’d be lost in the kitchen.


According to Gautam, Sumbul is at odds with Archana because she was supposed to handle the situation. I can’t believe I was battling for the rice, adds Sumbul. Nimrit tells Sumbul that she can get by without cooking if she isn’t provided with rice. I warned Sumbul you wouldn’t cook if she didn’t provide rice, Nimrit explains to Archana. If they don’t get me what I need on time, she says, I won’t cook for them again. Soundarya and Archana get into a quarrel. Soundarya claims that she is insane. According to Gautam, Archana fed him twice. My friend Archana claims I was yelling something about food being available. Those determined to do wrong will not be stopped by me. Sreejita states she became enraged. Even Archana thinks I’ve lost my mind. No way can I suggest that people eat less rice. According to Gautam, this has been going on for about 4 days now. This is where Priyanka comes in. Nimrit tells Archana that she can prevent excessive food consumption by intervening when others do so. As captain, Nimrit asserts, it is his right to make all necessary decisions. Priyanka insists that even a captain has limitations. Nimrit, Archana orders you to go grocery shopping and help me hand out food. I promise to stick to the kitchen.


In a conversation with MC Stan, Soundarya says Tina has a hard time controlling her anger when she is around Shalin, who she adores being around. All of us have a lot of skill. It has been verified by Stan that we exist in the actual world. To put on an act is not necessary. There is a melee in the dining hall over the leftovers. Archana is keeping a tally on the food supplies. You can’t serve and do accurate math, according to Sreejita. Nimrit estimates a total of 27 roties. An uproar ensues. No more yelling from Nimrit. All of you crazy people, what happened to you? I feel awful today. Nobody cares enough to listen. No need to stay if you’re not hungry. Is there no humanity left? Archana asks, “Why am I the one you’re singling out?” In other words, she wants everyone to be quiet. It has angered her to the point where she must leave. M.C. Stan says comforting words to her. Nimrit receives water from Gautam. Her words are that I won’t be given a minute to catch my breath. Why do we have to quarrel all the time, asks Nimrit. Without all this, we can get things fixed. As she cries, she cries and cries. Tina and Stan offer her comforting words.


Priyanka claims that neither of us has eaten yet. Nimrit claims that the hotel’s accommodation rates are having no effect. This is just pointless. They’ll drive me completely insane. From what Stan has said, they are ostensibly doing it for the camera.


You are all equal to me, according to Sajid. Nimrit receives Archana. I’m aware of her health issues, she says. I’ll prepare the meal and store it in the fridge. Those who are hungry can find food. My goal is to avoid conflict with anyone. According to what Shiv has told Sajid, Shalin displays a lot of hypocrisy. Stan confirms that Shalin has been dismissive of others. He also claims that Soundarya and Tina are on Shalin’s side. They’re not going anywhere, Shiv claims. Priyanka claims that everyone has eaten. Abdu feels better, but this is still excellent. Abdy embraces Archana. When asked what to do, Shiv suggests a passionate kiss. He leans in and gives her a kiss on the cheek. When asked about your intelligence, Shiv praised you. Whenever Archana hears this, she chuckles.


Final scene