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Scene 1

The gang is all here, and Bigg Boss says hello. He claims there is nowhere to hide or flee from me because I am there throughout the entire residence. The top players are the ones we pick. There is no such thing as adequate planning. This is my abode; these are my rules; yet ultimately, you get to call the shots. We now welcome Salman to the stage. He breaks out into dance as he warmly greets his guests. I’m going to play with Bigg Boss, he says, and I hope we never end up in competition.


Salman claims that the situation is now crystal obvious. Everyone will be put to the test by Bigg Boss. The current season will officially be the shortest on record. Speculate on the improbable. Start by greeting our choti sardarni. Inviting Nimrit Kaur and Choti Sardarni to join us. It’s important to note that Nimrit is delivered with one eye covered. You are my fortunate charm, she says.


While on vacation, I was reminded of your seat. In order to get instant fame at school, I decided to take a picture with you. Here, I closed my eyes because I wanted to focus on your face alone. A blindfold is removed. I’m going to try my hardest, she promises. But I don’t see you here, he says. To this, she gives a hearty chuckle. He specifically mentions how wonderful you were to his Choti sardarni. As for my ability to rule, she thinks I am pleasant yet firm. In my professional capacity as a lawyer, I have learned to take a firm stance in defense of justice. Allow me to show you an example. I hope I can impress you enough to earn a job offer. There is a robe on her. Nimrit says the first thing they’ll say about you is that you’ve broken every girl’s heart in the country. But he argues that this is untrue because all the girls seem content. To this, she gives a hearty chuckle. Nimrit claims the following claim is that you can only remove your shirt in the movies and never in real life. He asks, “What are you making me do?” before saying, “I can take off for you here.” They’re having a good time.


Nimrit goes inside the house. Bigg Boss welcomes her. He says do you wanna see this house with my eyes? She says yes. He shows her the sofa and TV. He says this is living are. Nimrit says very comfy. He says you all will make this house colorful. He shows her kitchen and bedrooms. Nimrit says I don’t know how to cook. He says you will have to. He says you can’t open these doors. You will all fight and divide the house. So I have already made some partitions. Let me show you a special bedroom. She says this gives queen vibes. He says this bedroom is of the captain. Do you wanna be the first captain? she says for sure. He says then you have a challenge. You will almost every incoming inmate a bed and a task in the house.


Salman says let’s welcome the next contestant who has brought the gift of love. He sings songs. Salman says this is Abdu. Abdu says I am 19, I love India. I am from Tajikistan, and I am a singer and boxer. And I love Wadapao. He says will you be able to speak Hindi? He says I will understand after a while. He says that people are angry in the house. Abdu shows his boxing moves. Salman gets scared. Abdu says I wanna be the captain. So I don’t have to work. He says I can cook Purki. Salman asks what is it? He tells the recipe. Abdu comes inside the house and meets Nimrit. She shows him around and says Bigg boss asked me to show you around and choose a bedroom for you. He chooses a bed. Nimrit helps him. She asks how old are you? He says I am 19. She says so cute.


Priyanka Chahar and Ankit Gupta come on stage and dance to a Punjabi song. Salman meets them. He says nice to meet you both. You both will be going inside the house. Your show Udaariyan was a success why are you here then? Ankit says so we can do the best here too. Priyanka says we will rock here as well. Priyanka says I was killed in the show. Salman says you kill him now. Ankit says our chemistry in the show was amazing. Priyanka says her hair is on your coat. Priyanka laughs and says it’s not mine. We are fighting. We are really good friends. I tease him a lot. He says she speaks a lot and I listen. Salman says many couples have been here. She says we care for each other as friends. Salman asks are you both married? She says no. Ankit says I don’t wanna marry. Priyanka says he is following in your footsteps. Salman says I will see on camera all the time your feelings would be shown. Salman says there are cameras everywhere in this house. Be careful. Salman says you both have to give an exam about each other.


Salman asks which side of the bed Tejo sleeps on. Priyanka says how would he know? Ankit says right maybe. Salman asks have you saved each other’s names as well? They have both saved it as a headache. Salman asks what is your relationship status? They both write best friends. Salman says the game is that you both have to look into the eyes of each other, whoever blinks loses. Priyanka wins. They go inside the house and meet Nimrit and Abdu. Nimrit says we have to decide what duty we both want to take and the beds. Nimrit says Abdu said he wants to do cooking every day. They both decide.


Salman says the next contestant is ultra-rich. He sings on the raps for Salman. Salman says this very famous rapper and singer, MC Stan. He says I am from Pune. I see kids these days, I want to show them who I am. I have many controversies. I wanna detox as well. Salman says detox what? Salman asks how did you make this body? He says is there a gym inside? He says yes. They laugh. Salman teases him. Salman congratulates him. He asks about the cost of his clothing. He tells the costs. Salman says proudly of you. You made it well, you’re making money. Salman asks what is MC? They laugh. He says Stan means half evil, half human. MC says I am here to spread love. Salman says to be a little evil too. Salman asks who will you miss? He says mom, dad, studio, Boba. Salman asks who is she. He says Anum, we are getting engaged. Salman says what message do you wanna give to her? He says Anum doesn’t leave the house for three months. Salman laughs. MC goes inside the house.


MC comes inside the house. They all welcome him. Archana Gautam introduces herself. She packs her bags. She says I will make chutney for myself. I can’t live without it. I will handle the people. Archana comes to the stage. She says I can’t breathe. I want water. My heart is beating so fast. My dream came true. He says wants you to win elections and do well in acting too. He says you have decided you will only marry a minister? She says yes. We will both have the same goals. He says what is your fear in the house? She says attachment scares me. I only had one bf, he hurt me and left me. So I will only get married directly. Or I can live single and tension free like you. No issues in life. Alone and happy. Salman rolls eyes. She says why did Bigg Boss make it practical this year? Because I came here. Salman says let’s welcome hirtik Roshan. A guy comes. She says this isn’t Hrithik Roshan. He says he’s Hrithik Roshan from TV. This is Gautam. She says that’s my surname. Archana meets him. Salman asks Hirtik what is love. He says love is commitment and attachment. Salman says I believe in this quality. Salman asks Archana what will you do for him? She says I will talk to him. He says the same surnames. It can work. They laugh. Salman says she’s a politician but she lost elections. How will you impress a girl? He says just be me. Archana says I have a wish that my guy comes from back when I am cooking. Salman says what if the door is in front? She says I will make it in the back of the house. I want him to be romantic, take me to the Maldives. Salman says this happens in the movies. Gautam says it happens in the start only.


Archana says let me do this scene. She cooks in the kitchen. Gautam hugs her back. He asks what are you doing love? She says someone will come. He leaves. She says he doesn’t know it at all. Archana hugs Salman. They go inside the house and meet everyone. Archana says I make really good food. Nimrit says none of us knows how to cook. She shows her the bedrooms. Archana chooses one. Bigg Boss asks Nimrit to come to the discussion room. He says I feel like I made a mistake by giving you this responsibility. She says we are deciding who will do what? He says you had to decide not by their choice. She says it’s my choice but their choice too. He says you’re not coming off as a leader. You have to prove yourself to the next contestants. Archana laughs around with Abdu.

The next contestant is Shalin. Salman says you dance well. He says I want to host this show, I want Salman to choose me when he retires. I felt so lucky when I got this call. You can make me do anything with love and if you’re stubborn I won’t do it. Salman says okay then I should leave. He says no sir I would rather leave. I want to show people how I am. I did a negative character and people think that’s who I am. So I wanna clear that. It was my dream to host a big show. Salman says you said you don’t know household chores. These people will make you do it the most. He says my mom was happy I will learn a thing here. Salman wishes him luck. He goes inside the house.


The next contestant dances. Salman welcomes Soundarya, he says she’s a dentist. She says I wanna learn something from you. Salman says do you have two teeth as well? One to show and one to eat? She says no. He shows her a guy and says what do you feel about it? Do you think he will win? She says no I don’t think he will. Salman says let me introduce him to you. He says I won Marathi Bigg Boss so I wanna win it on the Indian level. I know how to win the show. I know to treat people the way they do. Salman welcomes him. His name is Shiv. Shiv says I run a dance academy. Salman says do you have any tips? He says I will start from zero. I will be loyal to anyone I become friends with. Salman says she’s a dentist but never practiced. He says this is how doctors and engineers are. He says she’s cute but she will get her work done. They go inside the house and meet everyone.


Nimrit says this is your bed. Soundarya says you decided already? How is my bed? Nimrit says because I decided so. Soundarya says you’re already a captain? Priyanka says yes, she came first and she is the captain. Salman welcomes the youngest contestant on the show. She dances on the floor. Salman dances with her. He says this is Sumbul. Are you nervous? She says I am not nervous about it. I am nervous about the weekend ka war. You are so strict. He says no I will be nice to you. She does his acting. She says you’re angry and then some days you’re tired and you lay on the stage. And when you laugh, I can’t copy that. You laugh like this. Salman says you have done well. Welcome. He says will you be able to handle these experienced people? You’re just 18. She says I have seen many difficult times in life already. I have lived alone too. My dad gave me a lot of confidence. He wrote a poem for me. She reads the poem. Her dad comes there and completes the poem. Salman meets Sumbul’s dad Tauqeer. He says I am so proud that I am standing in front of you because of my daughter. She says I’ve seen you on a set once. Salman says your dad has raised you well. Salman asks Tauqeer if he’s scared of her. He says no I know Sumbul will do the best. He tells Sumbul bought this shirt for him. He wishes Sumbul well. Sumbul goes inside the house.



In the house, Archana says who is Sumbul? Shiv laughs with her. Many introduce themselves. She says I am a rickshaw driver’s daughter and Miss India Runner up. I know how to make my identity in crowds. I have faced all challenges in life. Salman welcomes Manya Singh on the stage. Salman says welcome to the big boss. You got a lot of love from miss India. She says I am India’s daughter. I know I can show people that we all can fulfill our dreams. Salman says yes but it requires focus and hard work. He asks if her dad is actually a rickshaw driver. She says yes. He drives in Mumbai. I used to go with him. He used to say that rickshaw doesn’t go in the elite areas. I still go in his Rickshaw. He still drives it and my mom still uses the buses. People used to taunt me I don’t have a good complexion. I used to audition. I wanted to work hard for my parents and give them everything. He says you can do that when you show your skills on this show. He asks why do you think India would like you? She says I am honest. I do my best, but I am myself. I am from a small village and I have seen everything. She teaches him how to do ramp walks. Manya walks, and Salman walks with her. He asks what will you do inside the house? She says this trophy is very important for me because I wanna succeed. He wishes her well.



Manya goes inside the house. Nimrit tells her bed to her. She says I want that decision. I don’t like it. Nimrit says I decide whose side will be what. Archana says if she wants it then you can. Nimrit says that’s not your problem. Nimrit asks can you clean? Manya says no I cook well. Manya says to Archana she’s a captain I can listen to her but then if she’s too bossy I can fight too.


The next contestant is Gori. She hugs Salman. She is a dancer. She says people taunt me and my family doesn’t support me. Salman says dance is a talent, you shouldn’t care about who talks about you. You will become super popular. She says I met you what else do you want. She dances with him. She says I don’t know Hindi. He says you only have to speak Hindi in this house. She says I know a few words and sentences. She speaks English with Salman. She says I am going to win. She says do you like me? He says yes.




The next contestant Tina Datt. She meets Salman. She says I got Bengali mithai for you, Sir. Salman says it’s very good. I am glad you’re here. He asks what’s the reason to come here. Tina says I will get to meet you every week and I might find a good guy like you inside the house. Salman says tell me how will you deal with these situations. If you love someone and he nominates you. She says I will dump him. He asks what if you have an enemy in the house. Tina says I will ignore her. Sreejita comes there. Salman says what is this? What just happened? Sreejita says I love you, sir. Tina says we were both in Utran. We did another show and now we are here. We know each other since 2012. Salman says so you both know each other well. Tell 3 good things about each other. Sreejita says she is good at Yoga, she’s pretty and homely. Tina says she loves dogs, she has good eyes. She cooks well. Salman asks what would they change about each other. Tina says she’s a good girl but she doesn’t pick up calls. Sreejita says she’s a bit dominating sometimes. She gets mad when her friends don’t talk to each other. They go inside the house together. Salman shows Sreejita’s video. In the video, Sreejita said Tina isn’t her friend. She creates issues about small things. She is a big dominating. She creates issues. Salman says don’t know who is playing who.

Amrita says these two have a lot of luggage. We can give her your space Archana. Archana says where will I keep my things I won’t change my room. I chose it and you gave it to me. Archana says it’s my bed. I won’t give it to anyone. Why are you all after me? She says it’s not my problem if someone got so many bags. I have 5 bags as well. I want my bags Bigg Boss. They’re outside. Sumbul says she’s the captain so we have to listen to her. Archana says I like this bed, it has a mirror I wanna see my face every morning. Everyone welcomes Sreejita and Tina. Archana says to Abdu I wanna pick you once. He says no thank you.




Someone comes to the show and wants to meet Salman. He comes on the stage. It’s Sajid Khan. Everyone meets him. He says I wanna clear a thing in front of everyone. Someone spread a rumor I am going to Bigg Boss’ house. I have a film coming up 100%. His fans say you are lying. You would go. I made many films. How can I go in there? I made fun of people. Can I go inside? The audience says yes. He says I am here to proudly announce I am going inside as a contestant. Salman comes. He says I have been home for 2 years. Salman says our parents worked together. We know each other since childhood. He is very close to Arbaaz. I am close to Farah. Her aunt was our guru. She has taught three people only. Chunky Panday and me and Sajid. She told us we can’t do anything. We love you, daisy aunty. Salman asks why do you wanna inside? He says I was kind of free for 4 years so I thought I will become a humble and nice person. I have seen so much in these years. Salman says you’ve directed many big names. Sajid says except for you. Salman says do you think sometimes giving too many hits makes you arrogant? Sajid says yes. Success can destroy you too. I thought I can never make failing films. Salman says how will you handle people inside? He says I will decide at the moment. Salman asks will you be careful or just work on instinct? He says I will work on instinct. Sajid says I can’t do house chores. Salman says there are many single people inside the house. He says no no I don’t want a wife. I want a Tv. Salman says your sister is a very big fan of Bigg boss. What did she say? He says she told me to be myself. Salman says I wanna show you a message. It’s Shehnaaz. She says hi Sajid Bhai we want you to entertain us. We wish you the best. He says she’s so sweet. She will become a star. Salman wishes Salman the best of luck.



Bigg Boss announces the next contestant is Sajid Khan. Shiv asks are you really a contestant? He says yes. Sajid hugs Abdu.

Episode ends