August 8, 2022
Big Brother Season 24 Episode 13: Release Date, Recap & Where To Watch

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 13: Release Date, Recap & Where To Watch

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 13


We’ve finished finalizing everything for the upcoming release of Episode 13 of Big Brother Season 24. The show is a competition-based reality show. It was influenced by a Dutch program that first aired in the country. It was released in the present tense. Now in its 24th season, the drama has already had 23 successful seasons. In the previous episode 10, we witnessed a live vote on screen. A consequence of this was the expulsion of one of the houseguests. They’re asked to talk about it in an interview.

Meanwhile, this opens the door for others in the House to vie for leadership positions. The new household head faces an apparent difficulty, which is all anyone could discuss. Now, returning to the most recent episode, the 12th, there’s a lot to talk about. That veto competition, detractors claim, was a bad idea. The participants gave off an air of inebriation despite being sober during the match. Indeed, Daniel did make a decisive move that would guarantee his friend’s safety.




Monte feels dominant over her, as evidenced by his decision to put forward Indy and Alyssa as eviction candidates. The shock of the news was noticeable. The fact that they are the only couple in the group without the Leftover alliance made it rather evident to Monte. Only Nicole needs to be concerned at this time. Monte won’t keep her around for very much longer. Things could go back to hell for Nicole if fate had it that Taylor is okay with climbing up again. As a result of being elevated to such a lofty position, she no longer feels secure.

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This sensation exists even though Nicole has not yet been made available for purchase. She seems to have a clue about Monte’s plot, as she claims she can trust no one except Daniel. This week, she has even begun to see herself as a secret entrance to this scheme. Michael and Brittany are willing to form a new alliance with Taylor. Well, we still have a ton of recaps to go over, so we’ve written them down for the later chapters. For the time being, let’s think about what lies ahead for reality television.

Big Brother Season 24 Episode 13 Release Date


The thirteenth episode of Big Brother Season 24 will premiere on August 4, 2022. There is no title for this episode. Tonight at 8 PM Eastern, CBS will telecast the episode. Every Wednesday and Sunday of the week, the channel uploads brand new episodes.


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Where to Watch Big Brother Season 24 Episode 13


Episode 13 of Big Brother Season 24 is available on CBS immediately after it airs. The episode can be viewed on CBS All Access after it has originally aired. The show can also be viewed via its several available alternative platforms. Live broadcasts are available via DirecTV and YouTube TV. You may rent or buy your favorite episodes through on-demand services on Amazon Prime Video or Apple iTunes.


Big Brother Season 24 Episode 13 Recap

From what we can tell, the three want to finally meet up in the upcoming episode. In the interview, Michael desires to spend time with Taylor and Brittany until the series finale. Daniel, meanwhile, has decided to see how Monte is doing. He is curious as to how his week is shaping up thus far. Monte is a highly astute gamer. His current mission is to keep Taylor on course. While Daniel is venting to Monte about how Ameerah constantly surprises him, we see that Daniel is being surprised himself. He worries that putting Nicole in the same position as Ameerah would be unfair to both of them and voices his concerns.

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On the other hand, Taylor, Kyle, and Michael are discussing how awesome it would be if Daniel were to get the veto authority. Because, in the end, we all know that Daniel is why his best friend went home last weekend, he can utilize it. Taylor thinks it would be a fantastic method of retaliation. Despite this, it is evident that Daniel wants to be granted veto power but not utilize it. That’s what he says to Nicole, anyway.