Big Brother Mzansi Voting Poll Results Today

Big Brother Mzansi Voting Poll Results Today

Big Brother Mzansi Week 5 Voting Results

The nominated housemates for possible eviction in Big Brother Mzansi Week 5 are Gash 1, Terry, Nthabii, Norman, Yoli, Themba, and Vyno. They actually tried their best to convince their fanbase to vote for them as usual. Since the beginning of this show, there have been many challenges for the housemates, which are normal. Biggie requires all his housemates every season to put in their best to convince and gain a lot of fanbase before leaving the house.

Seven Housemates would have been tenser than the others as the show started. Six of the contestants, B.U., Nale, Thato, and Venus, were all aware that at least one of them would be evicted on the first day of the competition.

Zino was the first Housemate to be evicted by Lawrence in the first Eviction, which lasted only a few minutes. His dismay was evident on his face, and the other Housemates were taken aback. They’ve made it plain that they view him as a younger brother, and his upbeat demeanor was much valued in the House. Zino was only on the list because Gash1 used his position as House Head to save Norman and replace him with Zino.

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Zino remained upbeat during his final interview with Lawrence. Asked about his time in the Big Brother Mzansi House, he replied, “It’s been an honor.” That’s not the only thing he mentioned that he would miss. Afterward, Lawrence began to inquire about a hypothetical situation. When he asked, “Which Housemate are you?” he replied, “Single, no relationship outside the House?”



“Venus!” Zino cut Lawrence some slack by interjecting. It was obvious that he had already considered this hypothetical situation. Zino was thanked by the entire studio staff, who sang Happy Birthday To You as he departed the stage after that.


This may have been a relief for Lawrence and Nale, but it would have simply served to heighten the anxiety among the other Nominees. In the end, Lawrence returned to the House and told each of the Housemates that they were safe one by one. No word was given that he was safe after finishing B.U. As a substitute, he informed him that he had been Evicted and required to vacate the residence immediately. BU was definitely astonished, and Venus was clearly angry.

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Lawrence’s exit interview with him went well, and he seemed to be in excellent spirits as a result. Because he didn’t make enough vegan meals for his fellow Housemates, he said his main regret was failing to demonstrate the positive aspects of a vegan diet.



Despite the shock of the double Eviction, Biggie had another surprise for the Housemates: they are allowed to engage in “Nominations conspiracy” till further notice, which means they can discuss who they would Nominate and work together. This can only occur in a specific location and at a specific time. This is going to be an intriguing ride.


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