Big Brother Mzansi After Party Saturday Night

Big Brother Mzansi After Party Saturday Night

Last Saturday, some new Housemates were inducted into the House, and we kept an eye out for them at the party tonight. On social media, Nthabii was called the whistling girl, while Vyno held on to his lover Terry and some beverages.

Ms. Cosmo’s Afro Pop and Hip Hop playlists left the Housemates swooning, and the two had a great time interacting with the other Housemates. From the start to the finish, everyone in the house was drenched in perspiration. When DJ Stokie arrived, he threw everything, including Mpho’s tears, on the floor. From his laid-back Yanos style to some spectacular throwbacks, this album has it all. The Housemates had a ball and danced all night long! Even the Housemates who don’t often dance were having a good time! We’re quite sure the viewers partied just as hard as the Housemates.

They danced the night away in pairs, clinking glasses and cheering one other on.

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Saturdays are strictly for dancing in Biggie’s house, and the residents brought their A-game and let it all hang out on the dance floor.

Too much drama has always followed the Saturday Night Party, keeping viewers riveted to their television sets until far after midnight.

The spin the bottle and kissing game was played by the housemates in the aftermath of yesterday’s party. That’s when most of us went crazy; it was too much for them to bear, but they pulled through in the end.”

Mpho was seen sobbing in the arms of Libo as soon as the curtains closed, and so the drama began. Even though DJ Stokie performed a song for Mpho at the conclusion of the night, it seemed to serve as a reminder of her past love and the pain it caused her. Mpho had just initiated a passionate kiss between Libo and Mpho on the dance floor, and the timing couldn’t have been worse for Libo. It turns out that some of the emotions she suppressed were more difficult to overcome than we anticipated, and time hasn’t yet healed these scars. Poor Libo, he’s back in the zone.

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Here are some pictures to give you a better idea of what transpired:






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Audrey Senna
Audrey Senna
3 months ago

Vyno, Mphowabadimo and Themba…they are safe…#BBMZASI