Bianca Censori Biography

Biana Censori is a native of the United States and currently works for Yeezy. At Yeezy, she works as an Architect in the Design Department. While Bianca was still in high school, she started her own jewelry company called Nylons. She later went on to study architecture at the University of Melbourne.

Her friend Irene was the one who initially started the business by manufacturing bracelets and chokers out of Swarovski crystals for themselves and their other friends.



It is unknown how old she is, although she is probably 27 years old at the most.


There is a rumor that Kanye and Bianca weds but is yet to be comfirmed by both parties


Bianca is an American.


No information about her parents


Her sibling is yet to be known at the time of writing this article


There are a number other Instagram handles that use Bianca’s name, and many of those handles have also shared images of her on their pages. However, it is unknown whether this is actually her Instagram handle.