In the latest twist of events inside the Big Brother Naija house for the 2023 season, Week 8 brought about a storm of nominations and potential evictions. After Cross’s triumphant victory as the Head of House in Week 7, the housemates were called into the diary room one by one to make their critical nominations for eviction, setting the stage for the Week 8 live eviction show scheduled for Sunday, September 17th, 2023.

One of the highlights of the week was the highly anticipated Black Envelop Game, where housemates had the chance to gain immunity from nomination. Unfortunately, no housemate was able to locate the elusive “Immunity” tag, leaving everyone vulnerable to the eviction nominations.

Here’s a breakdown of how the housemates nominated their fellow contestants for immunity:

  • Venita nominated Alex, Ceec, and Mercy Eke.
  • Soma nominated Sholzy, Ilebaye, and Whitemoney.
  • Neoenergy nominated Alex, Ceec, and Mercy Eke.
  • Mercy Eke nominated Pere, Adekunle, and Neoenergy.
  • Whitemoney nominated Neoenergy, Soma, and Ceec.
  • Alex nominated Sholzy, Adekunle, and Venita.
  • Pere nominated Alex, Soma, and Mercy Eke.
  • Ilebaye nominated Neoenergy, Ceec, and Whitemoney.
  • Angel nominated Whitemoney, Sholzy, and Ilebaye.
  • Adekunle nominated Ceec, Alex, and Mercy.
  • Ceec nominated Adekunle, Pere, and Ilebaye.
  • Cross nominated Mercy, Ceec, and Alex.

After tallying the nominations, the housemates with the highest number of nominations found themselves at risk of eviction. Here are the contestants up for eviction in Week 8:

  1. Ceec – 6 nominations
  2. Alex – 5 nominations
  3. Mercy Eke – 5 nominations
  4. Adekunle – 3 nominations
  5. Ilebaye – 3 nominations
  6. Neoenergy – 3 nominations
  7. Whitemoney – 3 nominations

The Week 8 live eviction show promises to be a nail-biting experience as viewers will decide the fate of these nominated housemates. Fans and supporters are encouraged to cast their votes to keep their favorite contestants in the Big Brother Naija house. As always, the housemates must rely on their charisma, strategy, and resilience to navigate through this critical juncture in the competition. Stay tuned for the exciting Week 8 eviction results, which will reveal who gets to stay and who must bid farewell to the BBNaija 2023 house.