Mihlali Ndamase does not play around when it comes to issues concerning her money.

The gorgeous beauty influencer and socialite stunned many on Saturday when she took to social media and called out all the big brands who owe her money.

Mihlali, who appeared to be in a no-compromising mood, took to Instagram and publicly called out the brands who owe her money.

The beauty influencer made it clear that she was done with being the bigger person and called out all the brands that owed her to settle her accounts.

Some of the names on the list of brands that owe Mihlali Ndamase shocked people. The brands that Mihlali called out are Vodacom, Malfy Gin SA and Saint Lounge.

In a series of posts on her Instagram stories, Mihlali called out the offending brands one by one for not paying the money that they owed her.


She wrote,

“I hosted @saintloungecpt in August,

“I still haven’t received payment. Kindly advise when I can expect my money, my angels.

“There are two other BRANDS that owe me money. Should I elaborate?”

In another post, she called out Vodacom, writing.

“@Vodacom, As much as I love you, I didn’t leave my house and shoot content for free; when are you paying me, sana?”


In a third post, Mihlali Ndamase called out Malfy Gin and Roth Media. She wrote,

“Another month of not paying me as a brand ambassador @malfyginsa @roth_media.”

“Can we talk”

In the next post, Mihlali made it clear that she was no longer concerned with being the bigger person as she simply wanted her money.

“Bigger person ushonile, I want my money.

“Kindly send all POPs to [email protected]
@vodcam, @malfyginsa @roth_media @saintloungecpt.”


The beauty influencer did not provide further details on the matter.  None of the brands called out by Mihlali had publicly responded at the time of publishing.