“At All Cost” is the title of the new album by Dunsin Oyekan, which is full of spirit.


In this season, GOD is stirring up a raging zeal for worship and service in the hearts of men all across the world.

It’s time to get close to the Father and spend some quality time together… An encounter in the UPPER ROOM that will propel us forward into the largest harvest possible for the kingdom. The value of our lives is proportional to the amount of HIM that we contain.

GOD… There is no other being deserving of being referred to by that name but the one and only real God… He is the sole example of the definition! There is no competition with HIM; everything begins and finishes with HIM.

It was just a dream at first, but eventually it turned into a reality. The Lord has inspired in me a new song that is voiced in Ibibio, and at first I didn’t really comprehend what language it was until I had some assistance from a sister. It is really humbling to consider how the Lord may give you a sound in the language of another man.

This track need to be one of the most important tracks in your repertoire for the upcoming year.

Listen & download below: