Atlas Ramachandran Biography

M. M. Ramachandran was an Indian goldsmith, film producer, and actor. He was born on July 31, 1942, and passed away on October 2, 2022. He was best known by his stage name, Atlas Ramachandran. His jewelry is famous for having the slogan “Janakodikalude Vishwastha Sthapanam” engraved on the clasp of each piece. He served as chairman of Atlas Jewellery. Under the umbrella “Chandrakanth Films,” he was responsible for the production and distribution of films. The two most important films that he has produced are titled Vaisali (1988) and Sukrutham (1994). He has also appeared in a few movies, the most notable of which is the starring part in Subhadram (2007). After serving a sentence of three years in prison in Dubai for committing financial fraud, Ramachandran was finally freed in 2018. He had been in custody since his arrest in 2015.


Early life 

Mathukkara Moothedath Ramachandran was born in Thrissur on July 31, 1942. He was welcomed into a family that had a deep historical, literary, and cultural heritage. His father, the late V. Kamalakara Menon, who passed away in 1995, was a poet, and his home was the location of numerous Akshara Shlokam recitation sessions. The third of his parents’ eight children to be born, Ramachandran was the second son and the third child overall. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business from St. Thomas College, Thrissur, an institution affiliated with Kerala University, Ramachandran moved to New Delhi in order to begin his professional career.




Ramachandran launched his professional life in the financial sector in Delhi, where he was based. Following the completion of his post-graduate studies in economics at the Delhi School of Economics, he began working for Canara Bank. After some time had passed, the State Bank of India appointed him to the position of probationary officer. Subsequently, he moved to the State Bank of Travancore and worked there as a field officer, accountant, and manager. When he finally left the bank, he was the supervisor of more than one hundred different branches.

In 1974, he accepted a position at the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, which required him to relocate to Kuwait City. He took over as Administration Manager of the International Division after being promoted to the position.

He created the first ATLAS showroom in Souk Al Watya in Kuwait after becoming convinced of the enormous need for gold jewelry.

After suffering a complete loss in Kuwait as a result of the looting that occurred during the Gulf War, Ramachandran decided to start over in the United Arab Emirates. In the regional gold trade, he was the one who first proposed the idea of mega-offers. Shoppers were awarded numerous valuable gifts, ranging from gold bars to opulent automobiles. ATLAS had well over a million clients that they served. This resulted in the formulation of the now-famous slogan “ATLAS jewelry — Trusted by Millions,” with Ramachandran himself serving as the brand ambassador for the company and contributing his face and voice to the advertising.


Marketing strategies 

Ramachandran developed numerous marketing strategies hitherto unknown in the gold industry. He believed in joint promotions with well-known brands. Some of his innovative promotions were:

  • ATLAS Golden Harvest with Malayala Manorama
  • ATLAS Read & Win with Gulf News
  • ATLAS Gold Rush with Radio 4 FM
  • ALTAS Golden Olympics with Khaleej Times
  • ATLAS Golden Take-off & ATLAS Golden Holidays with Air India
  • ATLAS Coupon Promotion with Bank of India




Ramachandran was elected to serve as the first Chairman of the Gold Promotion Committee of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and was instrumental in crafting the concept of a gold-based shopping incentive. In the inaugural year of the DSF, 43 kilos of gold were given away as prizes. He served in this position for three consecutive years. ATLAS supports the DSF.

Other note-worthy positions include:

  • Secretary of Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group  for its first six years
  • Key founding member of the Abu Dhabi Gold & Jewellery Group
  • Editor of the film magazine Chalachithram
  • Vice President of Malayalam Film Producers Association



His charitable work, educational pursuits, filmmaking, literary endeavors, and musical endeavors can be found in his adopted home in the Gulf region as well as in India. He was awarded a large number of gold medals in the schools of the UAE. Additionally, he provided financial assistance in the form of scholarships to kids in need who were attending schools in Kerala. In the same manner, buyers of Atlas Jewellery were given the ornaments that they had selected even though they did not have enough money to pay for them. He supported a multitude of competitions, one of which was a recitation of the Quran that was organized by Islamic organizations throughout the Gulf.




Imprisonment in Dubai 

In August of 2015, Ramachandran was taken into custody by the Dubai Police after several banks that had granted him enormous sums of money filed complaints against him for his inability to repay the amounts they had loaned him. After another two months, he was sentenced to prison by a court in Dubai. In June of 2018, he was finally released from prison after serving a sentence that lasted for three years.





Ramachandran became involved in the production as well as distribution of films. Because of the success of his first film production, an episode from the Mahabharata titled “Vaisali,” which is considered a classic in the Malayalam cinema industry, he was known by the stage name “Vaisali Ramachandran.” He left his position at the Commercial Bank so that he could devote all of his attention to the jewelry and film industries. At the time of his departure, he was one of the most highly recognized and highly compensated bank managers in Kuwait. He had held this position for quite some time. As a result of his shift in concentration, he was able to create or distribute several critically acclaimed films, including Sukrutham, Dhanam, Kauravar, Chakoram, Vasthuhara, Innale, and Venkalam. Several of his works were featured in the Indian Panorama, received high praise from cinema critics, and were honored with significant awards.

Film Year Director Role
Vaisali 1988 Bharathan Producer
Vasthuhara 1991 G. Aravindan Producer
Dhanam 1991 Sibi Malayil Producer
Sukrutham 1994 Harikumar Producer
Holidays 2010 M. M. Ramachandran Director
Anantha Vruthantham 1990 P. Anil Distributor
Innale 1990 P. Padmarajan Distributor
Kauravar 1992 Joshey Distributor
Venkalam 1993 Bharathan Distributor
Chakoram 1994 M. A. Venu Distributor
Youth Festival 2004 Jose Thomas Actor
Anandabhairavi 2007 Jayaraj Actor
Arabikkatha 2007 Lal Jose Actor
Subhadram 2007 Sreelal Devaraj Actor
Malabar Wedding 2008 Rajesh-Faisal Actor
2 Harihar Nagar 2009 Lal Actor
Thatwamasi 2010 Swami Viswa Chaithanya (Sunil) Actor
3 Char Sou Bees 2010 Govindankutty Actor
Brahmasthram 2010 V. Somanath Actor
Bombay Mittayi 2013 Umer Karikkad Actor
Balyakala Sakhi 2014 Pramod Payyannur Actor
Daivathinte Kayyoppu 2016 Benny Ashamsa Actor
Meghangal (Tele Film) 2016 Shaji Kallur Actor