Anga ‘NaakMusiQ’ Makubalo Biography

NaakMusiQ is the stage name of South African singer, songwriter, and actor Anga Makubalo, who was born on May 28, 1987. Makubalo is known professionally as NaakMusiQ.

He is a well-known entertainer who is also active in the film and music sectors in South Africa.

His official single, “Mamelani,” which was released in 2017 alongside a music video, received positive feedback from listeners all around South Africa and beyond.

Early Life

Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo came into the world on May 28th, 1987. His parents, Mr. Musi Qaqambile and Mrs. Nomvula, were his parents.

A few years after he was born, his parents and the rest of his family relocated to Johannesburg from Port Elizabeth. He has a younger brother named Khanyiso and an older sister named Asanda. He is the firstborn child in his family of three.

Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo was an athletic prodigy when he was a boy. He excelled in a variety of sports, including football, rugby, cricket, and many athletic track events.


His birthday is May 28th, 1987, and he was born in New Brighton, which is located inside the city of Port Elizabeth in the country of South Africa. Anga Makubalo is currently 34 years old, and the celebration of his birthday takes place on May 28 of each year.


Edenvale High School was Anga ‘NaakMusiQ’ Makubalo’s alma mater in the year 2003. After he had finished up, he went on to Talent International, which is where he received his training and honed his abilities in both acting and presenting.

During this period, he assumed the position of a guide and helped other pupils improve their performance.
In 2009, he made the trip to Damelin in order to pursue studies in contemporary music.


Anga ‘NaakMusiQ’ Makubalo has a remarkable career in acting, singing, and modeling. His buddy Mr. Rokker Rogers was instrumental in getting him started in the music industry. Mr. Rogers introduced him to Baainar Records, where he eventually became the vocalist for the label.

During his tenure with them, he was responsible for the release of a number of high-quality songs, including Ndiyindoda, Move, Ntombi Ethandwayo, Crazy, and Qina.

2016 saw the release of his self-titled album, which was produced in collaboration with Afrotainment. The album, which consisted of 14 separate tracks, was an instant success after its release.

His first big break came when he was cast as MJ Memela in the hit South African drama Generations. Since then, he’s been working steadily in the industry. Since then, he has gone on to star in a number of television shows in South Africa, including Z’bondiwe, Igazi, Ring of Lies, and Isidingo.

Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo was chosen to be a presenter on the South African show Hectic 9 Nine in the year 2008, and in 2015, he co-hosted the All Access Mzansi Season 10 program along with Mbali Nkosi. In all of these capacities, Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo has been very successful.

Personal Life

Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo is a father of a number of children, one of them is a daughter from a relationship with two different ex-girlfriends.

Before he started dating Micheala Roy, he went through a difficult breakup with his previous girlfriend, Nandi Mbatha.


Musi Qaqambile, his father, and Nomvula, his mother, were his parents when he was born (mother). He is one of two children, his sister’s name is Asanda, and his brother’s name is Khanyiso.


  • Generations
  • Z’bondiwe
  • Igazi
  • Isidingo
  • Ring of lies

In addition to the aforementioned television shows, Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo has appeared as a guest in a number of other productions.


Over 20 musical tracks have been released under Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo’s name. Among these releases are:

  • AmaBenjamin
  • Dance Till You Drop
  • You Are All I Need
  • Ndicela
  • Kwenzeka Ntoni
  • Give and Take
  • Sondela
  • What Have You Done
  • I’m Lost for Words
  • Let the Good Times Roll
  • Call Out
  • Mamelani
  • My Piano, My Bass
  • Get Wit Me
  • Not Guilty
  • Can’t Let You Go
  • Miss Me
  • Children
  • Happiness

Net Worth

Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo, a talented personality from South Africa, is reported to have a net worth between one million and five million dollars. His acting career and music career together have brought in these figures.