Anderson Aldrich Biography

Aldrich was known by his birth name Nicholas Franklin Brink until age 15, when he petitioned a Texas court for the nickname transfer under the advice of his grandparents, who were his legal caregivers at the time, show papers obtained by the Washington Post.

Anderson, now 22, wants to alter his name “to shield himself and his future from any links to biological father (sic) and his criminal history,” the 2016 file claimed, according to the Denver Post.

Previously arrested

According to a news release from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at the time and his mother’s former landlord, Aldrich was arrested in June 2021 in connection with a bomb threat that led to a standoff at his mother’s home. The standoff was precipitated by Aldrich’s mother’s former landlord. El Paso County is home to the city of Colorado Springs.

On the basis of his name and his date of birth, two law enforcement sources have confirmed that the suspect in Saturday’s shooting and the person who made the bomb threat are the same person.


Grandson of a California lawmaker

According to interviews conducted by CNN and posts on social media platforms, Aldrich is the grandson of Randy Voepel, who is leaving his seat in the California Assembly.

Voepel, who had been a member of the state legislature since 2016, was unsuccessful in his campaign for re-election earlier this month. It was unable to get in touch with him for remark. It is not apparent what kind of relationship existed between Aldrich’s grandfather, Voepel, and his grandson. Voepel was Aldrich’s mother’s father.

Voepel gained a lot of attention as a senator when he made the comparison between the attack on January 6 on the United States Capitol and the Revolutionary War.