The Mavin All-Star CD, which is a celebration of the label’s 10th year anniversary and is named “Chapter X,” comprises all of the musicians that are currently signed to the company.

At Mavin Records, 2018 was destined to turn out to be an unforgettable year. The most successful indigenous record company in Africa is turning ten, and what better way to celebrate than with a Mavin All-Star Project, which has become a signature event in the label’s illustrious career?

The explosive Afropop masterpiece that is Chapter X blends the ability, subtlety, and promise of all of Mavin’s new generation of musicians into a single work that has the potential to become a classic within the subgenre. Chapter X is a 10-song project that is as different philosophically as it is in performance. It was preceded by the albums Overloading and Won Da Mo, both of which hit at the top of all major music charts in Nigeria.


Mavin All Stars – Chapter X ZIP Album Mp3 Download below:

1. “ALLE”



4. “WON DA MO”

5. “AMINA”



8. “WON LE LE”

9. “JARA”

10. “YOU”