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Airtel Unlimited Data Plan For 100 Naira 2021

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan For 100 Naira 2021

Data charges these days are not encouraging, so, therefore, one must surely find a cheat that would give more data at a lesser price. In this post, you will be learning some cheap plans on Airtel that were launched a few years ago. This would make you have a better browsing experience without worrying about data consumption.

Many youths are bloggers and influencers; limitations come to their work sometimes when data consumption is too high on their mobile devices and laptops. They tend to minimize the rate at which they post content for their followers, thereby losing followers in due time. We also have Tiktokers in this generation in which they need to be posting content regularly, and you all, Tiktok and Instagram, consume data a lot.

Without much ado, let’s move to how you can subscribe to an airtel unlimited data plan for 100 nairas in 2021. Note that you would not be learning only about unlimited data plans but other cheaper plans also. Stay tuned.

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan For 100 Naira 2021

To subscribe to an unlimited data plan for 100 Naira in 2021 is not possible to be candid. An unlimited data plan from airtel costs at least N10,000 Naira, so I know you are disappointed right now; but don’t be worried as I will show you some other cheap plans that would definitely suit you. If you can subscribe to the unlimited plan of N10,000, just dial *462*10#. This plan is valid for 30days.

Airtel Unlimited Data Packs

Like I said earlier, I will show you other codes to get cheap data plans in which I would do in this heading. Don’t panic. I will guide you through how to get these cheap plans. The plans are listed below:

Airtel 40MB for N100

To subscribe 40Mb for just N100 from Airtel, carry out the following steps:

  • Dail *440*18# to activate the plan

After you have followed the prompt and activated it, you would get 40Megabytes, and Airtel would deduct N100 from your account balance. This plan is only valid for 24hours.

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Airtel 1GB for 100

  • To activate Airtel 1GB for 100, dial *474*1#, and you would get 1Gigabyte for just N100.

This plan only works on weekends for you to browse, chat and connect with your loved ones after the stressful week. You only have to browse from Saturday at 12:00 am to Sunday at 11:59 am for 100 Naira.

Airtel 100 for 500Mb 2021

We can activate this plan by dialing *141*104# before, but presently, the plan has been discontinued, and it’s no longer working again.

Airtel Double Data Code

Airtel Double Data allows users to get 2X the amount of their recharge. This implied that if you recharge 100NGN, you would automatically be given a bonus of N100NGN, thereby making your balance become N200NGN.

Data plans tend to be cheaper with this plan too. You would be able to get 2X the value of any data you subscribe to. For example, if you subscribe for 1.5GB, you would be rewarded with an additional 1.5GB, becoming 3GB.

To activate this plan, all you need is to daily *144# and select your preferred data plan. If eventually, this post doesn’t work for you, you can try these USSD codes listed below:

  1. Dial *496# to enjoy 3GB for #1000
  2. Go and dial *466*161# to enjoy 5GB for #1500
  3. Dial *437# to enjoy 7GB for #2000
  4. Dial *438*1# to enjoy 18GB for #4000

Thanks for reading this article on Airtel Unlimited Data Plan For 100 Naira 2021. Stay tuned for more updates from us.







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