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Afam Emmanuel Ukatu Mallinson Biography

Afam Emmanuel Ukatu Mallinson Biography

As of today, Mallinson Ukatu Afam is 58 years old. On the 8th of May 1964, in Onitsha in Anambra State. Sir Ukatu was born in the mid-1960s, and he and his wife have three children.

Business tycoon Mallinson Ukatu and his wife Chinelo Ukatu narrowly escaped death at the hands of Ikedi Geoffrey Onyeka, one of Ukatu’s relatives, who had planted a bomb in their home in Lagos, Nigeria.

Afam Emmanuel Ukatu Mallinson Background & Career

Sir Mallinson Ukatu, like the Wright brothers, is a man of high integrity. A dealer named Mallinson & Partners Ltd. began his career, giving him the option of following the straightforward importation route that leads to capital flight and the empowerment of foreign economies.

Excuses abound, and many are valid: epileptic energy supply, which is the driving force behind industrialization, poor infrastructure, a slew of taxes, uncertainty, a lack of consistency in government coverage, sky-high interest rates, and so on.

All of these factors work against Nigerian manufacturing. Others saw problems, but Sir Mallinson saw opportunities.

Rather than relying solely on imports, Sir Mallinson sought to change the narrative by making his products in Nigeria, rather than using Nigeria as an overseas dumping ground.

His fearless and daring strikes established trade for manufacturing ground tiles and ceramics.

NISPO PORCELAIN COMPANY LTD, which he founded with vision and foresight, is now Nigeria’s leading manufacturer of ground tiles and PVC.

Thanks to people like him and their positive outlook on the country, the once-moribund Nigerian real estate market is reviving.

According to Mallinson Ukatu, the federal government’s policy on indigenous content is solid.

Afam Emmanuel Ukatu Mallinson Biography

These industries have a significant impact on job creation. With the help of Sir Mallinson, thousands of people have been allowed to work and earn money and experience the joys and satisfaction that come from doing so.

The wider the tax net becomes due to these large-scale jobs, the more money the government makes.

It has saved the country a lot of money in FOREX that they could have used to import ceramics and PVC.

The government’s income decreases because of the uncertainty surrounding the oil sector and the decreasing demand for oil in the global market.

Deepening the actual sector is the country’s only hope and savior. In addition to his daring entrepreneurship, Sir Mallinson Ukatu Afam is an advocate for the growth and diversification of Nigeria’s financial system.

Thanks to him, the nation is slowly escaping the clutches of foreign ceramic producers.

We’re now in the business of making plastics and pharmaceuticals.

Extending from that, he’s made significant strides in the manufacturing sector, enhancing the country’s absorption capacity and innovation capability.

In the end, he was named the SUN industrialist/entrepreneur of the year for 2019. He was given the award privately, even though SUN NEWSPAPER had to change its plans due to an international pandemic, and a digital event will be held in November.

At his birth, Sir Ukatu was in his mid-sixties and had a family. One can only marvel at how far he has come in the manufacturing sector and how many of his friends were skeptical of him when he started in Nigeria’s harsh industrial landscape.

According to Jose Coronado, many people told Henry Ford he couldn’t do it, the man who worked with him. Many people told Thomas Edison that he couldn’t succeed. The people around Andrew Carnegie were telling him that he couldn’t succeed. All of them share one thing in common.

However, they’ve all had one thing in common: They’ve been told they’re incapable of it. All of them did it. These great industrialists, Sir Mallinson, were no exception, and the nation is better for it today.


Afam Emmanuel Ukatu Mallinson Education

Afam Emmanuel Ukatu Mallinson Biography

At the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Sir Mallinson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and an MBA from Crawford University in Ogun State. EDC Los Angeles Business School.

He is currently a graduate student at Stanford University and enrolled in the transformation program. He has taken numerous self-improvement courses both in the United States and abroad.

Mr. Ukatu is an entrepreneur and manufacturing job mannequin. Too many entrepreneurs in Nigeria, his story is a beacon of hope, encouraging them to seize manufacturing opportunities and assuring them that they, too, can soar into the sky.

Afam Emmanuel Ukatu Mallinson Biography

He has since invested in a variety of successful businesses across the country. Many of these companies are currently under his management, including Cowry Assets and Management, Masters Energy Oil & Gas Limited, Urban Space Services ltd, and Alor Microfinance financial institution Limited.

His charitable deeds benefit a wide range of causes in the communities where he lives and works and the state in which he resides.


He has adopted the mantra that says that each one that is not given is misplaced as his life motto.
Indeed, the cap is a good match.


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